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9 Ultimate Things Do And Don’t To Take A Wonderful Selfie

Nowadays everyone knows the buzz word “Selfie”. Girls are more crazy to take selfie than boys. But they have no idea about do and don’t the things take selfie. Recent I have seen a group of 5 girls was very excited to shoot selfies on a busy metro station. They have no bothering, other passengers what think about their actions. The modern trends are taking the selfie by mobile and post it immediate to Facebook.  People are more addicted to selfie by the popularity of mobile photo services, like as Instagram, TumblrSnapchat.

But how many people of us know the name of the man who invented of the selfie. Honestly speak, I don’t know, before writing this post. “The name is Robert Cornelius, and he was an American photographer. In the year 1839, Robert Cornelius took the first selfie with his camera”. But it wasn’t popular as the process for clicking the pictures.

things take selfie - ReadRevel

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Now selfie turned more popular among youth in the couple of years. Take duck face selfie, someone takes the selfie with wine bottle and post on social media. Even someone takes half-naked bathroom selfies. There are so many types of selfies and selfie lovers, we can see around us. Statistics have shown that 1 million ‘Selfies’ taken globally each day (18 to 24-year-old age demographic, Source: Sometimes selfier puts their in Danger to take a selfie snap. The research said young people continue to put themselves at risk for taking a selfie shot. But selfie mania is putting us not only in danger. It’s similarly bad to our good health. So, if you are a selfie dear! Learn this 9 do and don’t things, before taking any selfie.

The Best Do And Don’t things take selfie!

9  Things Do To Take A Wonderful Selfie

Do #1. See the ideal view of your face:

Selfie is a great art like as another photography. You can do your selfie awesome by selecting the proper side of your face. Which side looking fine in pictures or in mirror? Move your face bit towards the camera. Keep up the mobile camera a little above your head and focus the lens downward. It will show your face nice, and your eyes look larger.

Do #2. Find a beautiful backdrop with perfect light:

The bark of an old tree, a green grass field, beautiful flower garden —all are nice backdrops. For taking a nice selfie always find the natural light source with a vibrant texture background. Expose your inner beauties like an artistic mind while taking the picture.

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Do #3. Use a selfie stick:

Selfies look great in a wide frame along with others. But it’s difficult to hold a mobile in a horizontal way by a single hand to take a picture. So using a selfie stick is better things take selfie. You can forward more your mobile camera. Take at ease, panorama mood picture with your loving group of friends.

Do’s #4. Attempt with different looks:

I often saw that while we take Selfies, in front of a camera our expression become the change. Someone poses like a child,  someone making fun in the pose. In my point of view, it makes a picture zippy. So pose with your new looks, new dress, lip shade, eyelashes or a beautiful hat. What do you want to wear in secret? Explore yourself in a new way. That’s the things take selfie.

Do #5. Take the selfie with nature:

Our earth is very beautiful. It’s an enormous source of natural beauties. Any kind of photos with nature, make the picture catchy. And it’s the chance to show your friends, how much you are a nature lover.

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Do #6. Take the selfie as a memorial event.

things take selfie - make event memorable

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Suddenly you find your college life friend in an occasion. Whether it’s great to find him over there.You thrilled to see him after a long period. Make the event memorable, capture a selfie with him.”. Few days ago I joined a seminar. Over there meet my two old friends. They also came to join the event. It’s an awesome, happy feeling to me. We did so many chats about more enjoyable earlier days. We took few selfies in the seminar hall to make it memorable to us. So you can say selfie is a physical proof of your presence in the event.

Do #7. Expose something new things take the selfie:

When you take, a selfie must show something new about you. “Like as your new hair style. If you now wear a nice pair of eye-wear.Or you made a nice 3D paint.“So while taking a selfie with new things! Make sure you take the photo in such a way that always highlights your new features.

Do #8. Try to use phone’s back camera:

Most smartphones have dual cameras. The back camera use for taking pictures and the front using for video call. But when we have any selfie largest of us using the front camera. Rather than dealing with your mobile front camera, play with the rear camera. All are best things take selfie. “I know well you’d not look on your face on the mobile screen, and its little hard to get the capture button. But if you try, it’ll be easy to you.” The back camera resolution is higher than the front camera. So your selfie will be  crystal clear.

Do # 9. Use caption on your images:

You must wish to share the selfie with your social media friends. Uploading your selfies on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. But before posting any picture, you must add a caption to make clear what happened in the picture. Because the caption on picture drives viewer attention. They must appreciate and comments on your selfies.

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9 Things Don’t To Take The Selfie

Don’t #1. Choosing a wrong place:

things take selfie - choosing wrong place

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We each have our own judgment to choose a suitable place, take a selfie. It may be in a shopping mall, on metro station, or in a nice restaurant. These all are fine, but some guys taking selfies inside a bathroom and post on social media. What are the things take selfie? Is it a right place to take a selfie?Don‘t do this, and you should avoid few places to take a good selfie. People like to show your character, attitude and a sense of humor in your picture. So the bathroom is not welcomeIt’s a private space and no one like to see the commode, basin and your half-naked pose in a bathroom.

Don’t #2. Ignoring your viewers:

Remember the thing; you’re not the only one looking at the selfie. Avoid that selfies to making your viewers bore. Before posting any of your selfies, check it well. Make sure your images say something  interesting to make anyone crazy.

Don’t #3. Taking too much selfie:

Do you have this practice? Are you addicted by selfie mania? So then, be careful. Dermatologists say that selfie addiction can be harmful to us. With the release of cell phones, blue light and radiation direct falling on your face. Even the light comes out from our smart phones’ screens can badly damage our skin. “Said Simon Zoakei, Medical Director of the Linia Skin Clinic in the UK.” Mobile phones destroy the structure of DNA in our skin. As the result, your face looks dried lifeless and showing you the elder. So don’t take over selfies. Take selfies on a special occasion. You know that the moment worth sharing.

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Don’t #4. Make Duck face:

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People always enjoy doing fun. In a selfie, they are showing various type of appearance. Its OK, various types of poses make your looks different. But over expose make your face ugly. Girls always like to make duck face in the selfie. They look like a duck. People don’t like this foolish attitude picture. Your natural looks, beautiful lips and eyes are the best objects to make your selfies so glory.

Don’t #5. Taking selfies in a sensitive area:

Many selfie lovers making the embarrassing mistake. They take the snap of a sensitive area. But Always we have to avoid selfies in this area. “In a flood area, any form of human suffering or in front of an accident. Posing in front of this sensitive area proves your less human being.” So if you’re in this area, it’s best to pocket your mobile phone and do something good for suffering people.

Don’t #6. Selfie Takes In Wrong time:

Things take selfie, while driving a car or bike is not advised. “I have seen so many young couples are crazy about selfie while riding a motorbike.” The girl sitting on the back seat and lean on the boy’s backside to take the selfie.” But it’s very danger stand for both. At that moment their full of concentration on the mobile screen. The accident may happen at any time for their stupid activity.

Don’t #7. Don’t pose half-naked:

things take selfie - don't pose half naked

Worst… This can do only foolish people. Who doesn’t understand what people will say about the picture? Selfie is an art. So many kinds of artistic idea you can show in your selfies. But it doesn’t mean, you will show your body part to the public. Friends will quote acute comments on your picture. Because no one wants to show your body part. They prefer to have your creativity. So in next don’t do the things take the selfie.

Don’t #8. Don’t Use Flash Light:

Now in the market, lots of branded mobile finding with front led flash. But I don’t understand, which is the front flash utility apart from taking the selfie. The mobile camera flash enhances picture clarity. But selfies with the flashlight are not suitable. It glows your face. But distorts your natural looks. “The main cause of red-eye effect in a picture is flash.” So don’t use flash when taking any selfie. Although it’s good, avoid flash to take any kind of close snap.

Don’ts #9. Things take selfie force to animals:

Animals are born who they are, accept it, and that is that. They live with greater peace than people do.” ― Gregory Maguire

We can’t read animals’ minds. Sometimes you can’t judge your lovely dog’s behavior. “Your pet is friendly and obedient. You like hugging and selfie with your dog.” But you don’t understand how animals will react to your hug. He may react aggressively to you. So don’t disturb them. If they come to you, that’s fine. Otherwise, don’t force them.

things take selfie - avoid danger

I am as well eager about having selfie. But never took any risk to get it. So many people died to take danger steps and day by day increasing the selfie-related death. People like mountain-top selfiesselfie on a tower, posing in front of a coming train. Even though with dangerous animals. It’s all being the deadly, stupid try. Don’t take any life risk attempt. Life is the most valuable thing. So always save your life before taking a risky selfie shot. To learn the best save things take selfie remember the tips.

What do you think about this post? Do you share any thing with me? Write in the comment box. I Hope, you like this post and share with your friends.

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