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Kinds Of Friends

Avoid These 9 Kinds of Friend That Will Be Good For You

Friendship is one of the most remarkable affairs in our ways of life. The friend is the name with care, hope, and make much of support. He gives us happiness to make fun. But you broke as fully, made by a bastard companion. You haves so many kinds of friends in life span. But you should little more cautious before getting involved one in your friend’s list. Otherwise, you will fall into so many difficulties

“A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.”

William Shakespeare

A real friendship based in between the related thought and the same mentality persons. Friendship is also seen in between guys who belongs different faiths as strongly. But their logic is practically equal. Yet, friendship can’t start right to understanding and good sense. It’s, of course, originate in our mind. Some people make friendships only because of their personal interests. They don’t rely on the loyalty of this wonderful relation. Such kinds of friends have no relevance in our life experience. So avoid them and attempt to take away from your friend zone. I suggest you entitle to a fellow who always makes you happy, energetic and supportive.

” 9 kinds of friends you should avoid That Will Be Good For You.

1. Who is ignorant:

There is a text: “A clever enemy is more desirable than an ignorant fellow.” The guy who gets only a book-based education, but he is unaware of realism. Even he’s higher educated! But not well-known in the social life. He’s no concern about social movements. It’s better don’t make a friendship with him. Because an innocent man will put you in trouble, in all states with his stupidity. Stay away from this kinds of friends, from knowledge even who is ignorant.

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2. Who always say lie:

Kinds of friends say lie

Don’t think a relationship with faith like friendship with a man who tells lies. He says lie for no purpose. Do you know? In behind of his friendship there only of his
mockery. If your friend says a fake story to everyone and always makes a false commitment with no reason. So you must know he may do the same thing with you. Because he believe in lies more than honesty. So better not to continue friendships with them.

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3. Good time’s friends:

The fellow who hangs around you in your good times and can’t see him in your crisis! Remember it, he is not your  true friend. He is greedy and opportunist. He deals with you for his personal interest and benefits. Such people are not worthy of being a friend in our life. Because they are not loyal of friendship.

4. The two faced person:

Kinds Of Friends

In your great faith, told your secret to this fellow. But he says to everyone all of your secrets. He drops you, in a shameful situation in the line of battle. Makes huge curiosities into others mind about you. Even he is showing care in the presence of you. But anytime can do a bigger harm to you. So that friendship with such guy is more dangerous.

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5. Who is your Competitor:

“If it’s very painful for you to criticize your friends — you’re safe in doing it. But if you take the slightest pleasure in it, that’s the time to hold your tongue.”

– Alice Duer Miller


There may be a conflict between friendships, it’s not wrong. But if it becomes a habit, that’s really harmful to everyone. He always against of you. Not only that, rather of remaining glad about your happiness, he looked suspicious of you. He complains about you to others. But in the presence of you showing the kind hearten to you. So stay away from these kinds of partners, you may hurt by him.

6. Always pretend to himself:

“We understand how dangerous a mask can be. We all become what we pretend to be.”
― Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

Escape from him, who always pretends himself in your friend zone? This person prefers to show off them among opposites. His knowledge and what he learned, gives more importance to that. Your opinion has no means to him. Makes force listens to his imperfect knowing. Remember, he is more responsible and diligent than you.

7. Negative minded friend:

Good or evil, both are infectious. If you connect with a good fellow, now and then his positive spirits will infuse into you. But you waste spare times with absent people! His cynical sense will develop in you. If you decide to work out something, he constantly criticizes your efforts. Bringing fear in your mind instead of lending inspiration. So must avoid if you have any friend like this type.

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 8. Who is always unhappy:

kinds of friends - always feel unhappy

The friend, sorrowful forever makes complain whenever you meet with him. He always cries about whether it may, his job, family, and relatives. Meet a friend is pleasant and sharing well meaning with each other. A depressed man always lives with a cynical reaction. You can’t see a smile on his face. As often as you try to cheer up him, but he doesn’t change the mood. So, if you spend longer living with the unhappy person! Your mindset becomes change to unhappy.

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9. Extra Money Dear People:

A friend always thinks of money, don’t yet consider for a moment. He finds the chance of your closer and wishes to show his need to you. You can’t realize he is really in trouble or its late an act. So it has a  risk, you may cheat and make a big volume of losses in exchange of money to him. After owed your money, unseen from your life. Because who is strange for money at the unknown level, he has no justification for justice. They only believe to get the money and planning the way to earn it instant. Don’t carry on friendship with this person and avoid them anyhow.

A good friend is helpful and gives you encouragement  forever. But an evil friend can make us worry. He ruins the peace of your mind. It may hurt to avoid a friend and you may feel guilty. But it will be good for you to avoid a bad friend to keep yourself happy.

In this post I said about 9 kinds of friends to avoid them anyway. Do you know any others kind? Feel free and write to me. l hope you like this post and share with others.

Biplab Das

Writing challenged readers contents for over 2015. Hobby is reading different sorts of books, magazine and others blog. Which gives a wide base idea and motivate to prepare topics for ReadRevel blog. Enjoy writing posts about the Lifestyle, Relationship and Tech tips for beloved readers. Like to see everyone is happy in life.

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