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Mistakes That Breaking Up With Someone You Love

What Is The Mistake: Breaking Up With Someone You Love

All nice relationships very dear to us. And if it’s love between a boy and girl that’s so exciting. Everyone feels the happiness, joy, and romance when we’re in love with someone. Love is a great emotion and more valuable than other assets in our life.We can realize it better when the relationship is breaking up with someone we love. “Love  keeps us alive‚ energetic and happy, takes care of our mental health.”

It’s a big truth: Someone whom we truly love is our big fellow and always giving us great moral support.

So‚ we should bear in your mind: Don’t make any distance between the nice relationship of love at any cost. But sometimes we hurt them by our negative attitude. Doing some oppress mistakes that break up love relationship forever.

Distance between relation breaking up with someone you love


Hi friends, I am Biplab Das and today I am going to share those mistakes in my ReadRevel blog post. Keep your reading….


11 hidden mistakes that reasons for breaking up with someone


1. Your Doubting mania:

Doubt is the worst direction in a relationship. A sudden fear of your mind about her (his) uncertain love. It’s proving your negativity that’s so harmful to run long the relation.

At the first stage of love, both of you was a die-hard lover. But now you’re doubting her without any cause. Checking her Facebook friend list and comments. Whenever getting a chance find her mobile contact list and WhatsApp messages. You always make argue if she doesn’t receive your phone call. Why she posted the picture on  Facebook wall? Why the guy comment ( like this) on her photo?

But , these all are wrong activities you just doing as a foolish. Your doubt shocking her (his).  And starts to hate you.

2. Not listening to your partner:

When have problem with her, you’re not listening to your lover anymore? Rather than knowing her point of view, you’re getting involved in the argument. Your flare-up, the tone of speech and anger blur her speech. She gets fear to talk with you. It makes the distance between you very quickly.

3. Never confess your own mistakes:

If we get involved in any mistake, always try to save our-self. Just a word sorry we say. But sorry and confess of mistakes are not the same thing.  You may not confess your own mistakes! Because you don’t agree with your mistake. And may think, confess of mistake less of your own respect to her!

Never mind:

As a human, we do lots of things wrong, it’s natural. No one can say, he has not made any mistake in life.

Never confess your mistakes reasons for breaking up with someone

But your more self-love makes misunderstandings between both of you. Even you may not have ever heard the words about your fault. You’re only accepting the words of your partner that you like to hear. It doesn’t reduce the closeness only, its also very frustrating.

Always keep in mind:

“Sometimes we don’t get second chances, Owen. Sometimes things just end.”

He winces. “We didn’t even get a first chance.”

― Colleen Hoover, Confess


Meet with the loved one and talking with her is feeling very pleasant. Everyone feels joy while meeting his love. A nice couple never feels bored in their long discussion. Because they know, how to make the moment so romantic?

But during face with her, you’re getting confused and feel bored. Especially when the meet takes a so long time.

Why you feel bore? Why you can’t concentrate on your lover talk? Think twice

Is it the cause behind of your mobile phone? For a long time, you’re not accessing your Facebook Ac. You’re not checking WhatsApp messages. Your mind repeatedly seeking to check the social media status.

Okay: The best thing is.

Don’t check Facebook and WhatsApp at that time. It’s better, to keep your smartphone switch off  or at-least silent during the meeting with her. Just enjoy this nice moment only with her.

Otherwise, your less concentration on her, feels like that you don’t care about her. So she might break up love with you.

5. Judge your love without any purpose:

I don’t know, why people want to judge others? I know a guy, he proudly says that he has a second sight to judge anyone. But is it a truth? Is it not hypocrisy?

Human has a natural character to judge others based on looks, appearance, clothing and so on. But don’t talk about anyone’s positive attitude. Sometimes times the judgment is correct. But most of the times we are wrong. I think to judge someone, gives so pain in her ( his ) mind.

Judge your love without any purpose breaking up with someone you love

What do you think? Am I right?

Do you try to judge her love? Do you comment on her without any reason? Stop it now.

In any case, you should give a fair opinion when you hear and understand her whole story. Commenting beforehand is not an introduction to freedom. It may be breaking up with someone you love.

6. Always giving advice to her:

Someone who is giving advice to anyone just to show how intelligent he is. Even if he is not asked for advice.

Keep in mind:

Your girlfriend would be your future life partner. She is equal to you, no matter how old she is? You hurt her if you always advise like as a teacher.

Think like as: you always giving advice to her. But, do you ask for her advice?.. No!

In this way, you pull down her ability. She feels uneasy and tries to breaking up with you for relief from your advice.

 7. Making argue: breaking up with someone you love:

In a relationship, sometimes we get little angry. Sometimes we huff also. Sometimes we don’t speak with her for a few time. I think, its all are natural in a nice love relationship.

But If you go through argue in any case, then it’s vital don’t hit in any one heart. If we involve in an argument, we have a fear to lose the game. Because most of the time we can’t accept our defeat.

argues breaking up with someone you love

Get excited, making a rude behave with others. All are harmful to our personal and professional life. Your lover should hurt of your vulgarity.

So, never do this:

A Lot of times to stop the argument, we say, ‘well you are fine’. But it expresses a kind of neglect.

What can you do? ….

Well.. Take a long breath. Keep silence for a few minutes and calm down. Talk with her in a natural voice and try to solve the problem.

Stop without the solution is not met the wound.  Rather increases her grieve.

8. Counter-blame:

The worst thing we do is counter blame to others. We have any wrong-doings but don’t believe that. Even you dig her fault and blame. It can break up with someone you love at a moment.

By accepting own fault, gives a great pleasure in mind. You should feel very happy. And it should help you to impress her.  A little “Sorry” and your “ Apology” will keep your relationship always beautiful.

9. Always you’re in late:

Say over phone, you’re waiting for a bus. You stuck in huge traffic.

But whatever you say, you always 10 to 15 minutes late. Your girlfriend’s (boyfriend) is sitting alone in the CCD and waiting for you. She feels lonely over there. And it’s so boring to anyone.

You may think a bit of late not a matter. But it’s showing that you don’t check the time. You’re so careless about your girlfriend. Not showing the desire for her.

Think it serious to avoid breaking up with someone you love. If you committed to meet her at 11 o’clock , always to be punctual.

10. Your mind is asking for someone else:

You’re in a love relationship. But now you’re not feeling so crazy for your girlfriend as before. Is it your mind asking someone else?

That’s it.

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But keep in mind:  It’s the step towards unfaithful to someone. And reason for breaking up with someone you love now.  Because you fantasize about another girl.

But, before you build a relationship with another girl (boy) it’s better to seek apology to girlfriend for your mistake.

 11. Wish: How good if I was single?:

Sometimes being in a relationship, we think to be a single better than the relationship. Because we’re hoping to be responsible for the strong relationship. But if you’re going through a rough patch and not functioning? Sometimes you feel the relationship likes a burden on you. Yet, you think you was good as single.

Wishing Single: breaking up with someone you love

Is being single it’s really so lonely, so bad. You can’t share your romantic emotions to anyone. People will make fun of you.

Although, If you truly think that your life would be better as a single! Immediate  breaking up with someone you love and find out a way to better lives for yourself.

In the beginning of a love relationship, everyone feel so exciting. You can’t think a moment without your girlfriend. She also feels amazing to meet with you. After couple of days when your love relationship is going to mature, it may break up for your mistake. But breaking up with someone you love is hard to do. So to avoid break up love relation, you should serious about her emotion for your mistakes.

What do you think? Do you have any idea that reasons to break up? Feel free and write to me.

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