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How To Protect Your Child From Blue Whale Challenge Game?

Nowadays one more name in the panic around is the Blue Whale Challenge Game. A lot of teens have victimized to the deadly game all over the world. Getting news of the deadly incident happening daily playing blue whale challenge game.Parents worry about their child’s activities.

How To Get The Best Smartphone Battery Life? Avoid 11 Mistakes

Your smartphone’s battery charge ends. But you have to make a call to your boss for getting some vital messages. Now and then you feel the trouble due to your best smartphone battery life. Even, full of charge doesn’t go half day. Need to charge the phone  2-3 times during the day. It’s a horrible

9 Ultimate Things Do And Don’t To Take A Wonderful Selfie

Nowadays everyone knows the buzz word “Selfie”. Girls are more crazy to take selfie than boys. But they have no idea about do and don’t the things take selfie. Recent I have seen a group of 5 girls was very excited to shoot selfies on a busy metro station. They have no bothering, other passengers

How To Make You Beautiful In The Pictures? Know It

If anyone isn’t shy or has no camera scare! More or less everyone likes to take own pictures. So taking self beautiful pictures  to more people are favorite. You took a selfie and posted the picture immediate on Facebook or Instagram. Prefer to get likes and comments from your friends. But you’re not getting so

How to find out your lost mobile? If it’s in silent mode

Your phone is in silent mode! But you can’t find it. At first, what do you think, it remains stolen or lost? Yet, it may be that at any time, for any reason, you’ve silent your mobile phone. But suddenly see that the mobile phone can’t find the time. In general, to search the mobile