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effects of mobile phones on children's

Are You Pushing Your Child In Effects of Danger? Know It All

Your child is crying, don’t want to eat food. Always persist for something and like to play video. What will you do in that situation? It may you give him that thing with your own hand. You know, what is the device about I am saying? It’s your smart phone. But you don’t know effects of mobile phones on children’s. So the subconscious, you are pushing your child in danger.

  Effects of mobile phones on children's
Do you let your child use your mobile phone? It may he is so little and dear to you. Do you buy a tablet for him to play the video game? Does your child play long hours on these devices? Do you not pamper your child, as well as tend to danger your child. Do you know about danger site effects of mobile phones on children’s? Then you have to think before giving mobile or tablet to your child.

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the Canadian Society of Pediatrics state. Infants aged 0-2 years should not have any exposure to technology. 3-5 years restricted to one hour per day, and 6-18 years restricted to 2 hours per day. (Source:

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But more of the kids like to play the video game on mobiles or tablets. They feel less interest to play the outdoor games, like as Relay Races, Follow the leader, Sack races. Play in Outdoor helps to grow child physical fitness, mental health, knowledge and social development. But yet they prefer to play on mobile phone. The widescreen smartphone works like a mini computer. You can say, it’s a smart mini computer in the palm. So they can do anything like play game, surfing net, call to friends, share photos. Kids also addicted to mobile like as an adult. But you don’t know, what are the danger effects of mobile phones on children’s? Dr. Lennart Hardell, a professor of oncology at the University of Örebro in Sweden, and statistician Michael Carlberg from the same University, said who use the mobile phone too much, a risk for non-malignant tumors in their ear and brain. But here I am saying about mobile site effects on your child that you can also realize surely.

 Effects of mobile phones on children’s

1. Lack of imagination:

In childhood, hearing stories, reading comics, learning to draw all are effective to make a colorful childhood. This type of activities to develop imagination in the child’s mind. So the child needs opportunity to develop their imagination by family, teachers, and society. But your child likes to play the video game. He/She is always seeing the cartoon on your mobile or tab. He doesn’t like that activities; what you liked in your childhood? So you are not finding creativity in his/her mind. In fact, don’t ask anything of learning.

 2. Detached from society:

Your child should detach from society and his/her friends. Because he/she likes electronics devices more than friends. He/She doesn’t interest to jump and racing with other children. Because he likes to play the game on mobile, sending the text or doing something. Dislike outdoor activities and games; your child can’t make any friendship. No one loves your child and they dislike yours child company. The natural way, he/she is becoming home keeping and detached from society. The worst case is that the child feels irritation to talk with the family members.

  Detached from society - effects of mobile phones on children's

 3. Becoming Fatty:

Sitting in one place continues accessing mobile, making your baby fatty. When they access mobile in full of intent, their physical works quite stop. Even they less interest to eat healthy foods. They like to take junk food. So, day by day, they were fatty and lazy.

 4. Decreased sleep:

More addiction of a Smartphone, decrease your child nice sleep. If your child is cranky and moody! You have to notice first, is your baby sleeping enough or not? Today’s most of the children are using electronics devices. But sleep specialists are saying. Watching TV, accessing laptop and mobiles are breaking the quality of rest. These devices effects on sleep also.

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  5. Harming of eyes:

Using mobiles and tablets in little age makes a problem of your child’s eyes. Because blue light emissions from digital devices are harmful to the eyes. So Child who uses smartphone and tablet in a long time, at risk of damage eyesight.

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 6. Lack of homework preparation:

The mobile phone can affect child’s school homework. They reduce time to prepare for next day school. Whenever get time, try to get access to mobile. Becoming less attention on their home study. Child school test performance suffers due to poor preparations. Because using their smartphones at the time of the study.

Lack of homework - effects of mobile phones on children's

  7. Viewing harmful content:

Yet when your child accesses mobile phone, he/she can check sites that can show shocking content. Like as porn video, adult pictures, which are very harmful to them. Parents can block harmful Internet sites. Or at least have some control over kids, which contents allowed to watch them.But mobile phones also have some positive effects on children. He/She can contact with you, friends or other family members. That can give peace in his/her mind. So before giving your mobile phone to your child, ask yourself. What is the reason he/she wants to get access to the mobile phone? Is it for the call to friends or relatives? Is it not the time for study? Parents should aware about the dangerous effects of mobile phones on children’s. So that mobile phone can’t ruin their colorful childhood.

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.
  — Stacia Tauscher, dancer and artist
Do you know any other dangerous effects?

 If you know any other mobile site effects on children’s? Feel free and share with me. Write your valuable tips in the comment box.

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    1. Thanks Aarif for your comments. Yes, Parents have to care about his child and this matter carefully. They have to inform child about pros and cons to use mobile phone in childhood. I’ll write about that.

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