Sleepiness All The Day Make You Stupid, How To Overcome?

feeling sleepy

Feeling sleepy all the daylight hours that causes make you stupid. A few times while sitting anywhere the body is break up the whole. When in the office not having any energy to do your job? Always feel tired and lazy. Think, it’s better to have a long sleep. Moreover, in the noon hour after having lunch. Of sleepiness, it becomes hard to give attention to the task. But the work must have to do within the period. Who is in the home seems not have the related problems! They can have rest at the noon hour. Drowsiness makes you foolish while someone does jokes on your situation.

“This is a discussion hour with Manager, but you are getting sleep. Can’t focus what’s he say. You come to nervousness and fear in mind.

So what can do to become free of this trouble? Let’s find out, how to reduce sleepiness during the broad daylight?

“Apply These 11 Secret Techniques To Improve Feeling Sleepy”

1. Listen to songs:

When you felt sleepy listen to the song. By listening to the song is the most suitable method to defeat from drowsiness. If you go on having very sleepy! Only one tune is good enough to become free of your sleepiness. Listen to songs by FM channels or which track kept on your portable media. You know that the nap has vanished in an instant

2. Stay in work:

Always live in practice to care for your mind in motion. While you stay lying motionless, your brain cells are not functioning, and it’s the primary cause to have a sleep. So always attempt to stay yourself busy at the office.

3. Take a pause:

Feeling Sleepy - walking
Feeling Sleepy – Walking around your office room

Take a five-minutes interval from your work. Walking around your office rooms. 5 minutes of the walk will be the remedy for you from getting drowsy.

4. Use peppermint toothpaste:

You can use also peppermint toothpaste. Sleepiness must go along with its good taste and flavor. Or you can eat a peppermint chewing gum. It’s good for sweep sleepiness.

5. Little sunshine bake:

Release from fatigue or change of sleepy mood requires a clear sunshine bake of your body. Stress or feel asleep, all that will go out of in an instant in the sunshine.

6. Avoid processed food and sweets:

Try to avoid processed food and sugars in your meal. Even yet it’s more suitable to avoid processed food and sweetmeats forever. Someone most loves to take in first food and sweetmeats. But this food patterns can expose you to feeling sleepy now and then.

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7. Take tea or coffee:

When you will have tired, can take a cup of tea or coffee to raise your energy level. A mug of coffee or tea will conquer all your tiredness.

8. Eat energy bars:

You can eat energy bars (Like cocoa butter, dark chocolate). It will produce quick energy in your body. Yet, as well if it’s sugar-free.

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9. Take a nap:

It’s the best remedy for feeling sleepy is to close your eyes for several minutes. 10-20 minutes of power nap can free from sleepiness. To lift up your spirit in midday, sometimes a nap is quite powerful.

10. Take slight at Lunch:

Feeling Sleepy -Take little Lunch
Are you feeling sleepy at office? Avoid heavy lunch.

Take a lighter lunch to have you energetic after the meal. Choose food which has higher protein and less carbohydrates. These foods prevent sleepiness at the workplace. Eat a huge number of fresh green salads along with your meal.

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#11. Drink enough water:

In summer dehydration is a big problem. In sunny day large numbers of water discharge from our body as sweat. It’s caused dehydrate and do us weak. To avoid dehydration and its effects of getting sleepy, drink enough water daily. At least 4 liters. (11-16 cups) water must have a drink every day.

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This all are simple do things. Everyone we can do this to keep us energetic. It will prevent us from sleepy in where and there. I hope you like the post and share with others. If you have any idea? Feel free, write to me. I will update that in my post.

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