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How to find out your lost mobile? If it’s in silent mode

Your phone is in silent mode! But you can’t find it. At first, what do you think, it remains stolen or lost?

Yet, it may be that at any time, for any reason, you’ve silent your mobile phone. But suddenly see that the mobile phone can’t find the time. In general, to search the mobile you dial your phone number from others phone. It’s the easiest way to find a lost mobile phone, everyone we know this. Just follow the ringing sound of the mobile start to get find out easily.

But your phone is in silent mode. So this strategy is not being effective. How to get out of the situation? When you’ve lost your mobile phone? Know the simple steps.

 Super Easy way to find your silent mode phone

Step 1.

First, find an another mobile phone and open Google page. Instead of mobile, you can use your desktop, laptop or tablet also.

Step 2.

Enter the search bar, “ find my phone “. Then it’ll open the page.  Click on ” SIGN IN TO START “. Or you can  write ” Android Device Manager” at the Google search bar.

silent mode - mobile


Step 3.

It’ll open your Google account page. You have to put your Gmail ID or your Google ID. In here write the exact Gmail Id which you used for active your mobile and registered on Google Play. Click Next and enter your  Gmail Id password.


silent mode - mobile

Step 4. 

silent mode - mobile

A new page will open and which show your mobile model name or model number. Click on your mobile name.

Step 6.

silent mode - mobile

You can see the page and here on the right side there are two options “Ring” and “ Locate”.  Click on “Ring” tab.

Step 6.

It shows a message “Trying to contact your phone…”.  When contacted your phone start to the ring full of volume. Even if your phone is in silent mode. And until you press the power button, as the phone is going to ring. In here you check also your missing phone location. Click “Locate” tab, it will show your phone location address.

So followed by the sound of your phone to find out that it’s not the matter. In this same way, you can find your missing Android tab also. But, one thing you should keep in mind. Your device must be updated in your Google account. It’s a very easy process, just you need a Gmail id.  You have to sign in any of the Google features by your Gmail id with your mobile phone. It’s automatically updating your phone to your Google account. Otherwise, the system can’t find the lost silent mode phone.

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