How To Get The Best Smartphone Battery Life? Avoid 11 Mistakes

Get Best Smartphone Battery Life

Your smartphone’s battery charge ends. But you have to make a call to your boss for getting some vital messages. Now and then you feel the trouble due to your best smartphone battery life. Even, full of charge doesn’t go half day. Need to charge the phone  2-3 times during the day. It’s a horrible condition. You have suffered this problem since the buy of the new phone. But before buying the phone, you have searched in net best smartphone within your best budget. It’s 3000 mAh, 4000 mAh or 4500 mAh. Whatever: Your cell phone battery charge ending in a few hours.

Get The Best Smartphone Battery Life: Avoid The Mistakes

How long your smartphone battery’s charge last? Depending on how much you’re charging the battery? Although your smart phone battery life will increase. Yes, increase for long hours if you charge it in a proper way.

Let’s take a look:

What should follow to keep your smartphone with best battery life while charging?

1. Don’t charge overnight for best smartphone battery life:

Nowadays smartphones are smarter than you guess. If it’s fully charged, will stop to charging. But, that doesn’t mean you can keep plug your mobile charger after full of charged. Plugging over the night will continue to flow the electric power to your cell phone.

Best Smartphone Battery-Life - Don't charge over night


You have taken enough launch. Even your friend offering to take some more. But have no more space in your tummy.

Would you take more? Just think:

It’s not well whole night phone charger plugging on the switch board. Because there is a risk of your 4G smartphone with best battery backup loss due to overcharging.

2. Avoid fast phone charging:

Fast charging reduce battery life:

There are so many phone chargers and mobile apps available for fast phone charging. But this method is not good enough to charge the phone. Because charging faster phone means sending more voltage to your phone’s battery. As a result, the phone temperature increase. That potentially harmful effect on the phone’s battery? Find the phone’s battery settings choice and select “Normal charging bike.”

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3. Charge smartphone with own charger:


To keep your best smartphone battery life long, always charge with the phone’s own charger. If you use another charger with the phone! But its own charger doesn’t match with that charger! It usually affects battery performance, charging power and battery life. If you use any other charger for charging the mobile phone! Check it with the original charger to match the output voltage and current ampere rating. Also, note that whether the charger approved by the phone manufacturer or not?

4. Never use cheap charger:

best smartphone battery life -Never use cheap charger


We all prefer to buy cheap stuff with great performance. But it’s almost a bad idea to buy a cheap charger for your favorite smartphone with best battery life. Because such chargers don’t charge your smartphone properly. They’re not standard as like phone original charger. Even doesn’t follow the phone manufacturer guidelines. Withstand the problem of varying voltage, overcharging issue. Which is very harmful for your mobile phone.

5. Try to follow the 40-80 rule:

“A lot of mobile experts say if you want to extend your best smartphone battery life? Whenever you charge the phone, follow the 40-80 rule.” That means to charge your mobile phone before going down below 40% of charge. And when you charging, try to charge up to 80% of the battery. The rule ensures your smartphone with best battery life for a long period. So it’s better, always keep a power bank to follow the charging rule.

Think it:

The tendency of charging a charge slight again is not right. Charging often with no reason reduced the battery life.


It’s very bad to let your phone battery be completely consumed. If it’s, charging the smart phone immediately.

6. Don’t use your phone while charging by power bank:

It’s good, not to use your phone while charging by power bank or by its own charger. Although, often we do it. But in this case, the internal temperature of the phone increases. So your best smartphone battery life, having the cause of damage. “It’s better to avoid using your smartphone while it’s charging.”

7. Don’t use phone protective case:

best smartphone battery life - Don’t use protective case while charging

If you use a protective case or cover on the phone, open it at the time of charging the smart phone. Because of the charging time, it’s normal to light hot the battery of the phone. But if there is a cover on your phone, the cooling process of the phone interrupted. So getting best smartphone battery life, at least remove your phone back cover while it’s charging. I don’t use the screen protector and case protector for the same reason. I’m using a 2750 mAh battery, mobile with no charging issue during the day.

Do smartphone covers really protect phones from damage?

Why I’ll never buy an iPhone case

“Remember the vital tips to keep your best smartphone battery life long time during the day:”

8. Never use third-party battery saver apps:

The battery saver apps consume the smartphone’s own battery charges. Because these types of app always running in the background. Showing ads like “Phone Memory Low”, Your Phone Battery Is In Danger” in the browser and say to install a few apps. But don’t fall into this trap.

9. Stop WiFi and Bluetooth on all the time:

Roughly we forget to off phone’s WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Your mobile phone’s WiFi and Bluetooth are on and isn’t using anymore. It’s just draining your best smartphone battery life energy. But you’re not always using WiFi or Bluetooth. It may need for a few minutes or a few hours during a day. So better to give an eye to turning off WiFi and Bluetooth. Turn on them when you need to use.

10. Adjust network settings:

All new smartphones are 4G enabled. But your home or office area not covering proper 4G network services. Change your phone network setting. Turn off 4G where the signal is weak. Use 3G and not 4G in that case. If you keep turning on 4G, both 3G and 4G networks are on. It’ll consume your smartphone battery power more. The same thing you can do to change the network 3G to 2G. If you just use the internet for the daily mail check, sending the text message by WhatsApp or check your Facebook profile.

Get added benefits:

“Enable 4G to 3G and 3G to 2G save also your monthly data and money.”

11. Using animated pictures or videos:

Most of us prefer to use animated mobile wallpaper or screen saver. Any kind of animation, its may pictures or videos ending your best smartphone battery life. Instead, that kind of animations use simple black, blue or green background.

Today‚ for mobile phones use Li-polymer batteries. It’s light weight with good performance. Now we use smartphone more times than feature phone. It’s like a mini computer within our palm. So naturally, smartphone use more battery charges. Follow the above tips to get your phone’s best execution.

Did I miss anything? Do you know? Feel free: write to me in the comment box. Hope you enjoy the post and share with your friends.

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