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happy in life

How To Be Happy In Life That Is Amazing Feeling

Happy life is the key object and purpose of human life. For someone, it’s the feeling of success. But People are happy not because they are successful. They are successful because they are always happy and find what they love to do. Happiness and Success are passing our life in our own way. We expect huge in our life, but don’t get exact what we want and feel unhappy. So it’s necessary to learn, how to be happy in life.

happy in life

My Real Experience

As a human being, I hope everyone wants to become happy in their life and every day we are racing for that. When we talk about happiness, we saw as a matter of becoming financial strong But research has shown that it doesn’t assure of happiness. Nothing will change in the world if I earn lots of money, doing a better job or buy a luxury car. It brings external happiness in my life for a few days, but not internal  during a long period. I saw a smart couple who passionate in love but suffering discord soon after their wedding. Another case, a girl in my neighbor fights every day with her husband, but the guy earns lots of money. So I believe money can’t bring happiness, but happiness may bring money.

Happiness VS Wealth.

True happiness doesn’t get from luxury or wealth. It comes from your soul and you can realize. Honestly, I know none formal definition of happiness, it is a realization. Happiness is a positive thinking, pleasant emotion, feelings of joy, pride, and gratitude. Your expression changes, you feel amazing and your body languages say this you are happy.
You can’t buy happiness by money. Without happiness, you can’t enjoy your life and can’t make any relationship. No one prefers your company instead, they show sympathy to you.

Why? Happiness is necessary

Happiness and personal developments are the key purposes and great goal of our life. But our schools do not teach us about this goal. Educating us without education of the mind.
Research found that happiness improves various aspects of our lives.
    * Happiness built our heart strongest and well, help to live long lives.
    * Happy people make good relation and  friendship.
    * Make energetic and productive at work .
    * Get more acceptances to others.

So living a happy life is vital and only internal happiness can make it. You are successful and earning lots of money. But you are not happy; life is passing like a black & white film. Live an ungraceful lifeless life.
Find mean of true happiness in life. Need to prepare yourself and change the way of living. The simple ways to bring the true happiness in life.

Happy In Life That Is Amazing Feeling

 #1. Stop Thinking, Someone Makes You Happy:

Happiness is a personal emotion; it depends on your own judgment. Someone can’t control your happiness. It’s your own life and takes decision by you. Other people can’t bring happiness for you. They can give advice and show you a right way of life. Focus on your own work and make a plan to achieve your goal. Don’t depend on others and don’t expect so. Everyone is busy with their own work and trying to make his life happy. If you aren’t happy with yourself  and not trying to make your life happy nobody on earth can make you happy.

 #2. Forget Your Jealousy, Without Delay:

In our human mind jealousy is a complex emotion. It’s call of insecurity, fear, negativity, and doubt. If you are finding real happiness for you? At the beginning, forget your jealousy. Overcome of jealousy is changing a reaction or behavior. Jealousy ruins the peace of mind and can break a strong relationship. Jealousy called mental cancer. Fear, insecurity, anxiety and the negative thoughts of the mind. In every age of people seen it. Jealousy spoils your career and pulls down your social life. The simple meaning, jealousy can make you both mental and physically weak. So, try to keep this emotion under your control. Otherwise, you will never find the pleasure of happiness in your life.

#3. Feel Happy For Others Success:

Be happy for others for their success, difficult for us. But if you overcome your ego, celebrate others success and proud of him. It must improve your professional and social life. You will free from stress and depression. Sense the joy and celebrating others success is good for your health and relationship. Compliment to someone is a positive attitude and a symbol of love. Try to appreciate their hard work and realize that their success is your own success.

#4. Accept, Which You Can’t Change:

Accepting what you can’t change is a change in your life. I have spent a lot of time reading different studies to learn my strengths and weakness. Learning, how to explore me up for the best possible. In fact, I learned so many things to point out my difficulties. I have so much less stress after learned to accept, the part of me can’t change. As a human, we can change our lives in a positive frame of mind. The thing can’t change are different for everyone. Why waste your time with nonsense attempts what you can’t change? You can change your behavior, the way of talking, spending time, work on the creative activity and your strengths. Find out what’s limitation and obstruction of your goal.

 #5. Take Care Of You:

Taking care of yourself is the primary step to get happiness in life. Your physical, mental and emotion connected to each other and supportive.  Taking care of your health will increase the possibility of happiness and make you successful. Eat healthy food, know how to manage stress, meet friends to boost up you, do something you enjoy. Take a rest, read books, spending your time with positive loving people and find inspiration. Wear smart  looking dresses fit for you. Take a good sleep. Sleep makes better tomorrow. Improve your memory, lower stress level and remove depression of mind. Moderate your style of living

#6. Live In The Present:

The great secret of happiness is not to complain about the past or worry for the future. Live in the present moment wise and keen. More of us might be nostalgic when we talk about our past life. But living in the nostalgic past or worrying about the future not only ruins yours today. Fall you in the hole of frustration. The present is most important in our life than future and memories. So try to make it better. The future must build up by your activity, whatever you are doing now. Make yours today joyful, glorious and purpose to live a happy life.

  “True happiness is… To enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future.” Lucius Annaeus Seneca
#7. Try To Avoid Electronic Gadgets After Dinner:

Electronic gadgets are becoming an important thing in our daily life. Cell phone, tablet or our laptop, sometimes hard to switch off even at bedtime. Switch on your cell phone or tab at bedtime, diseases presence at your door step. It disrupts your night’s sleep. The next morning, you look dizzy, eyes not lubricated, headache and you must look horrible. So after a night of no sleep or poor sleep, everyone learns troublesome. Sleep affects your day-to-day performance and your physical and mental health. So we need healthy sleep at overnight to make us refresh and energetic for the next day. Healthy for us to avoid electronics gadgets after having dinner.

If you access the net, playing a video game or chatting with your friends by cell phone in the late night. You must keep yourself to a sleepless night. The blue light emitting from cell phones, computers, and televisions prevents create melatonin. And that hormone controls your sleep and wake cycle. Even better, make your bedroom a technology free zone. Keep your electronics gadgets outside the bedroom. Because they keep your brain alert, gets none any rest and wake you until the midnight

#8. Give Up Your Anger And Forgive:

To forgive, you have to let off anger and negative thoughts from your mind. Someone says forgiveness maintains a formality. But it’s not just a formality; it’s an express of mind.
This caring state of mind can remove your mental pressure and keep your mind fresh. So if you make any offense and feel guilty, don’t hide it. Gladly express your offense to someone to whom you trust. It releases your metal presser and get peace in your soul.

Benefits of Forgiveness for Our Health

  • Lowers stress levels
  • According to a study by Hope College researchers, forgiveness cut cholesterol level
  • Keeps your heart healthy 
  • Reduce both emotional and physical pain. 
  • Lowers blood pressure, let keep cool, free of mental burdens. 

So it’s a good practice to ask you. Whenever you get angry, “Was that necessary? Remember to forgive when someone upsets you and live a stress-free life. Yet, you may notice your body thanking you.

# 9. Make Fun:

Everyone we have to get fit to live healthy. But when we decide to Gets fitness to Exercise”, we trap by laziness and planning to start from the next day. But you don’t have to spend times in a gym to be physical active. We can get in shape and healthy body by performing everyday activities in our home. Play with your child when you get time. Habit to walk, throwing a ball, swimming, yoga, etc. Whenever you and your child throw a softball, swim, climb of the staircase, walk to the store, your health and fitness levels are improving. If you are fit, you feel better and look fresh, and live a healthy happy life.

# 10. Don’t Think It’s Too Late:

It’s is never too late.  Never grow worthless thought in your mind. The thing is superb and creative; you can start at any age. Someone might discourage you, but don’t take it seriously. We nobody gets back to start a life from the beginning. But if you are ambitious and eager to do something, start today to make a happy ending. It’s not too late to you fulfill the prospect of your life. The age doesn’t matter. Boost up your energy, consider your creativity, make a plan and execute.

#11. Stop Checking Email, Social Media Sites And Chatting Often:

Few times in a whole day are more than enough for any of these activities. If you always on-line, you are hearing the message or mail receiving sound on your device. It breaks your concentration of work. Your mind always tingles to show the message. It kills your valuable times and disturbing to finish your job in your schedule time. Another, don’t get mad when someone doesn’t return your call, email, text right away. Because you have to keep in mind, he might be busy with his job.  Wait for their reply, don’t excite if they not replied.

#12. Don’t Be Afraid To Make Mistakes:

If we make none mistakes, how can we expect to make us perfect? How can we learn things unknown to us? Mistakes are Trial and Error method by which we can make a thing perfect. Can you remember the wood pencil and eraser in your childhood memories? When you first learn to write. A child first learns to write by wood pencil. He/She makes mistakes and wipes it with the eraser and again, he/she tries to write. Continues process learn to write in childhood. Things are endless to learn and don’t afraid to make mistakes. As mistakes you make that much of experience and knowledge you will gather.

happy in life

 Mistakes have a lot of benefits in our life 

  •  Teaches us valuable life lessons. 
  • Prepare us, how to forgive someone 
  • Makes our brain sharper and get valuable experiences
  •  Mistakes help us to take the correct decision.

Mistakes help to make us perfect in our life. Believe me or not! If you don’t dare to make mistakes, you can’t take any decision in your life. Always depend on to others opinion and it’s not respectable to you. To be happy in your life, don’t afraid to make mistakes. Be brave to take  risk, it may be fail, but make your own decision.

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony”.  Mahatma Gandhi

Happiness is having fun in life, taking a risk in your life, caring and surrounded by love. You will happy through love from those who matter most to you. Learn happiness from the things you feel most interest.

Hopefully, in this post, I have given you the simple ideas about happiness and how to get it.  Please write to as comments to share your views and if you have any idea share with me.

Biplab Das

Writing challenged readers contents for over 2015. Hobby is reading different sorts of books, magazine and others blog. Which gives a wide base idea and motivate to prepare topics for ReadRevel blog. Enjoy writing posts about the Lifestyle, Relationship and Tech tips for beloved readers. Like to see everyone is happy in life.

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