How To Learn Your Friends Are True Friends Or Not?

True Friends

True friends are something far rarer. It’s more rewarding and valuable in our life. Friendship comes forward and makes our life enjoyable by the help we can offer to each other without any interest. So, Friend is the most important person in our life. Friendship grows from our heart with someone, who’s not usually our family members. In terms of friendship and relationship in our life,  we’ve  choice to accept or reject someone. Most often as a friend, we don’t choose our relatives and family members. But in a rarer case, it may happen also. The aspect of friendship is different from relatives and they’re in mind more important than relatives. So it’s important to learn your friends are real and true.

true friends

Friendship is a mutual respect to each other and it’s growing day by day from heart. It’s not possible; someone will be a true friend within a few times or within a day. Times are requiring for deeply known to each other. Inner beauty and honestly appearance of a person incorporate as love. Make him our friend for a long period  until death.

Friend worry  about you if you’re in a trouble. He’d be ready for you in the case of emergency and help you to manage that case. He helps you by heart and soul without involving any interest. Real friend feels proud of your success and cry of your soreness. The worth of friends might be clear when you’re in problems.   Who’s not genuine will suddenly become missing and leave you alone.

Life without a friend is no life at all. Friend can find your talent and show you the right path in your life

In our life, there are so many people who make a friendship just because of interest; they always want to get benefits from others. But even the benefit doesn’t exist anymore; their friendship will break within a very short period.

So it’s a bit difficult to know, who’s real in a group of friends? Everyone claim himself as a true friend, but here I’ve some ideas to know your real and true friends.

#1. Someone is honest, loyal and always get your back:

A true friend will always be honest with you. He’ll not hide anything from you, even though your present outfit looks good on you or not. Discuss with you if he’s cheated by his partner that’s intolerable to him. A true friend will never keep you in dark about any matter and always keeps a great faith to you. He might be very loyal to you. Loyalty is one of the most important part desires in a best friend.

Whenever you call him, he usually can’t say “NO.”, always helps you honestly without any delaying. If you fall in an unpleasant situation?  You’ve no courage to face the problem, friends will be the great sources of power to manage the situation. Truly loyal friends get your back always and try their best never to let you down.

#2. Understandable and respect your opinion:

Good friend isn’t brash and doesn’t get upset of an occasional “No”. We all are from different background and believe in the different viewpoint. Whether it may  sports, religion, music and movie taste, politics or culture, we all have different views. But respect to each others opinions is important for maintaining positive friendships. You’ve a different opinion about your favorite footballer. But your friend isn’t agreeing with you. But he’d not criticize you and doesn’t make any controversy with you. Even though he doesn’t bring up any uncomfortable subject, you dislike. It doesn’t mean avoiding  matter which is very important and possible life changing. He might produce logic with respect to your opinion, “Why he disagrees with you.”

#3. Someone you can have fun with them:

A true friend is someone who you have a great time with him. You could make fun, laugh together and really enjoy his company. If his family also enjoys having you around. Your friend will not lose the chance to invite you to dinner party at his home. He always try to hang out with you. Hang out with friends is a great way to relieve the stress and make refresh our mind.

true friends

#4. Someone who may happy and feel proud of you: 

In our modern life, we all are busy to think about our personal lives and forget how to show appreciation to others. We know we’re caring, but it’s difficult for another person to imagine.

“WOW!” or “WORTHLESS” It’s very easy to say when someone makes a mistake. But I’m “feeling proud for you”, without any interest, it’s very hard to say and isn’t very convincing.  Someone feels shy to show his appreciation of gesture publicly. But he isn’t jealous for your accomplishment. Be interest in your success and show in his facial expressions that “He’s really happy and very proud for you.”

#5.Someone who knows how to apologize:

Apology is the best way to resolve any matter of conflict in our professional life, family and friendship. It can pull out hurt from our mind, originate laugh into our heart and helps to forget anger. More often we usually say sorry, when making any mistakes. But ask for forgiving isn’t offering an easy task and it’s not always easy to accept an apology. Is their apology truth? The way or words they use for apology are their true feelings and regret of mind. Friend who can leave off his or her ego and admit to you by heart, he’s in the wrong; he’s really your true friend.

It takes a strong person to say sorry, and an ever stronger person to forgive.

#6. Someone who is dependable:

All of us have lots of friends but someone of them is reliable and trustworthy. He always keeps his promises and don’t try to forget that. Means he being punctual not going back on his promise and ensuring that he’s a true-hearten friend. Being unreliable will make you think worry before asking your friend for something. But a true friend also dependable and will respect you more. See you as a friend who can help him and it’s a great achievement in our life.

#7.Introduce you to others:

It’s a very nice thing when your friend introduces you to new friends.  His social circle may highly educated successful professionals and bound together by strong relationships. But there’s always room for expansion and they gladly accept your presence. Introduce you to people who’re unknown to you, just to show he’s not afraid of being seen with you. He’d be proud of being in public with you.

#8. Someone who is trustworthy:

Many kinds of characteristics a true friend needs to have. Friend must trustworthy and loyal; he’ll be caring and loving. True friend a person; whom you can trust always. You can share your darkest secrets with him. But he  loyal also; he always sticks by your site in times of your need. He can make good times better and bad times very easier.


Trust is very hard to gain; however it is an easy task to lose it.


#9. Someone who is supportive:

Friendship makes us joyous, happier and supportive to each other. A real friend has your back when need him. He’ll be a great supporter of your views and goals. He always encourages you to do something good and try to stop you from making something wrong. A good friend gives you proper advice and saves you from the worst situation.

#10. Someone who listens to you:

A true friend knows how to close their mouth when you say something. He makes eye contract with you and looks like eager, listen to you. He may ask thoughtful questions to you or want to know your opinion about a raised issue. In a good friendship both has to respect each other opinion. A good friend always make a space for you to say something,” Because he wants to hear you.”

#11. Someone who doesn’t believe in rumor:

“Rumor is the deadly enemy of friendship”. Rumor and gossip are making together and people, who’re jealous of you or your friend, make gossips. Whenever a person makes gossip about someone in front of you.  Know that those person make gossip about you of your back. Someone who believe in the rumor about you and gossip with others, he mightn’t be your true friend. If rumor on high and your friendship badly affected by that? Friend should ask you personally and want to know the truth from you before breaking the relationship with you.

true friends

Friendship is a great relationship without involving any interest. Friendship never dies, it’s as simple as that!

Friend is someone who always with you in the good times and your bad times. A friend is a belonging we earn, not a gift to us. He is very responsible to you and you also responsible, dependable and loyal to him. That’s about my  life experiences. Let me know in the comments, if you like this post. Feel free write to me and share it.

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