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Make 2018 Best Ever In Your Life

How To Make 2018 Best Ever In Your Life?

Just a few days left, come for the New Year. The celebration of the 31st night banging on us for  the welcome to the New Year 2018. The festive season during the 25th Dec to 1st Jan it’s really awesome. We’ve already made a plan to have a good time in this fantastic week. Finding gifts for your love one. Planning to go outdoor trip with your family or friends. Or, planning to celebrate the New Year’s Eve party in a nightclub. But, did you make any plan, how to make 2018 best in your life? Along with the gala party plan, it’s also a time for planning to make 2018 your year.

Whether you set up a New Year’s goal or not? But January to me feel like a new beginning in my life. All my friends seem like very happy when tending greetings to me. Nature also very fine now to boost my energy level. Nice cool weather, the big blue sky and the pageantry of different color flowers. So planning now to make 2018 your best year yet from the beginning of January.


Make 2018 Best Happy New Year


Hi, friends, I’m Biplab Das wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018. Today I’m going to share with you a few simple tips for making 2018 best.

14 Simple Known Ways Most Out Of Make 2018 Best

1.Love yourself and know the ways to love:

We always say, “If you love to others then they will also love to you.” But how to get someone love if you don’t love yourself?

Before love someone, it’s really need to love you first. It’s hearing like selfish! But it’s the true mantra in our life.

So What does the exact mean to love yourself?


The same things you behave to anyone your love.

Like as

  • Read your mind and know what you love to do yourself.
  • Do the things that you feel good.
  • Always believe in your abilities.
  • Don’t copy someone else.
  • Leave your negative thoughts and avoid the negative people
  • Make a Distance from the people who try to pull down you.
  • Forget your past, live in present.
  • Make changes and updates you.
  • Feel happy, what you have now.
  • Look for new ideas and opportunities for motivating yourself.
  • Practicing Loving-Kindness Meditation

2. Leave your bad habits:

We have so many bad habit. And we should to give up them.

Bad habits make the barrier to you from achieving your goals. The cause behind of your mental and physical stress. And decreasing your energy level.

But we don’t know, how many types of bad habits we have?

To be honest: I don’t have clear idea about all of that.

But keep on reading the post.

Here I am saying about the bad habits, which I saw to do others. And some are doing myself.

For example, I have bad habit to smoking cigarettes. But I know how dangerous it’s. In last February’17 exactly I can’t remember the date. I read an article about the dangerous effects of smoking in a top regional newspaper.

After that, I have tried so many times to leave smoking. But sorry to say I couldn’t leave. When I meet her (the article’s writer) face to face feel so shy.

Leave your bad habits to make 2018 best

To make 2018 best year to you know your bad habits and changing it.

Like as:

  • Watching TV too much.
  • Always online on social media.
  • Eating fast food
  • Drinking on much alcohol.
  • Smoking on cigarettes
  • Biting of your nail
  • Always buying by Credit Cards
  • Behave like angry or irritated
  • Negatives thinking.
  • Talking about someone on his back
  • Comments like as Know-It-All
  • Jealous and Gossiping
  • Talking too loud
  • Always play Video Games
  • Watching or share porn

You need a daily commitment to change bad habits . Find some good hobbies like as cooking, gardening or walking. Don’t waste your time to watching TV reality show. Instead of that read books or magazines.

3. Enjoy every moment of life:

According to the WHO’s report, 71.4 years was the average life expectancy at birth of the global population. I think it’s very short time to live on this beautiful earth. One day we should die to make space for the next generation.

Living a life is a work of art

So, why not enjoy every moment of our little life? Do you know enjoying your life make you a better person and helps to carry out your goals?

  • Always try to smile and smile.
  • Listen to music (But don’t on rail track by earphone)
  • Celebrate your successes with friends and family.
  • Play with children and do the baby steps.
  • Do whatever you love to do.
  • Make good friends with other people.
  • Show your affection to him/her you like.
  • Think positive and live in the present
  • Take a break and go for a vacation trip.

Enjoy every moment of life to make 2018 best

4. Must do something to stay healthy:

Staying fit is the essential part of our life. Because we know health is wealth. To bring happiness give attention to your health.

  • Practice some exercise at home.
  • Walking at least 2 km per day.
  • Try to waking up early.
  • Take breakfast within an hour of waking up.
  • Leave the eating habits of fast food.
  • Take a break up from work and relax.
  • Do meditation.
  • Take good sleep.

Prepare yourself physically and mentally fit to make 2018 best! You’ll get the great happiness.

5. Find your real love to make 2018 best year yet:

What is love and how to find my love?

It’s a big question mark to me.

To me, love is the powerful emotion in our human life. Most of us don’t know what’s love and why we fall in love? But the word “Love” is great. Without love, you don’t happy in life. Your lover can motivate you, inspire you, and can bring a lot of happiness in your life.

But before finding Read how to find your perfect match.,

Keep in your mind:

  • Focus to build a great relationship with him/her.
  • Make a faithfulness to each other.
  • Believe in yourself deserve to be loved.
  • Read dating blog post articles, magazines and books,
  • make you perfect for your love.


6. Make some new friends:

Finding new true friends may be difficult. But it’s really rewarding in our life. A true friend is a big part of our life to be success.

But today we all are busy to make friends on social media. Sharing photos, videos and various kinds of things. However, do you share your ups and downs with them? Do they feel your sadness? Just think about that.

Sorry, I’m not against of Social media. I’m a big fan of Facebook and Twitter.

But most of the social media friends are virtual. They’re not your true friends.

So make some true friends. The ones who walk through with you. With whom you can share your ups and downs and he can feel your pain and joys.

So it’s time to pick up a new friend even men or women. Hang out with him/her to make 2018 best year to you.

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7. Follow your passion:

What’s your passion?

                        Turn your passion into a successful startup.

Passion is one of the best qualities of yours. Without passion, you can’t reach your ultimate destiny.

Make 2018 best ever follow your passion

I am passionate about my blog. If I don’t have written an article that brings me pleasure! Before publishing read it 10-15 times and try to make some changes. Feeling a commitment to my readers and try to make the post best again and again.

Follow your passions, success will follow you.

8. Stay positive to make 2018 best:

To make 2018 best, motivate yourself and think positive. To stay focus, remove all negative thoughts from your mind. While you talk always keep a smile!

Smiling makes you good-humored, boost your appearance and keep attraction on you.

But Remember:

Don’t engage yourself in any negative conversations.

Like as:

How difficult it’s to marry someone at the 40s? Or What’s the source of  your friend’s huge money ?

To get inspiration, make a friendship with positive people. Remember the things make you a great catch.

9. Forget your age to accomplish goals:

Always keep your dreams alive. To meet your goals‚ always believe in yourself. Develop your clear vision‚ do hardwork‚ dedicate you to get success.

Time to taking a new initiative, don’t worry about your age. How old are you 20s‚ 30s‚ 40s or 50s? Forget it. There has no age burden to do something new.

Know the Young Innovators Who Are Changing the World.

Learn about these Entrepreneurs, who can change your retirement plan.

Your activities don’t relate to your age or even your physical appearance.

  • Make a final list of all the things that you’re exceptional.
  • Set up relevant goals on your virtues.
  • Set up time bound of goals.
  • Do everything with your self-confidence.
  • Do believe that you’re able to do your jobs successfully.

10. Go for a vacation trip:

It’s no need to say about vacation enjoyment.

To inspire yourself, take leave and go for a vacation trip somewhere unknown to you.

Studies say that take 7 days or 15 days break from busy work days boost our energy. Keep us fresh in mentally and physically. Your mood will be fresh and helps to reduce your stress level.

Your charming mood, fresh mind, and positive energy not only makes you happy! Brings a lot of happiness to your family and everyone who around you.

11.EXTEND YOUR helping hands:

Extending your hand to help someone has more value than

joining your hands for prayer to God.


As a human, helping others should be our natural extension. We should extend hands to help each other in our professional or personal life.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to everywhere. Sometimes we’re showing us busy, sometimes we intentionally avoid to help someone.

But we can’t live without others . Everyone, we need help. And do something good for others, increase your self-respect. You feel the peace in your mind. So make 2018 best by giving your hands to help them, who truly needs your help.

12. Try to Learn new things:

Keep us updating one of the vital parts in the modern time.  The best try to learn from everywhere and learn some new skills.

In the modern era, technology are developing day by day. In our professional and personal life. We’re getting so many chances to look for improving our knowledge.

Yet think about the successful people, who around you.

Is he more intelligent than you? Is he more talented than you? No, not at all.

They are not better than you. But one thing, they’re always updating themselves. Do the same thing you do, but in a different way. Because they know the new skills and made master themselves.

So keep your learning up to make 2018 best in your professional career and personal life.

13Save your money:

You don’t know about your future. Due to a financial crisis, your life will be disgraceful. So you’ve to try to save money and have to make a plan for saving.

make 2018 best by saving your money

So, from the next month before making any expenses. 20%-30% of your total earnings keep as saving. Make your monthly expenses planning within the rest of 70%.

The experts say “A penny saved is a penny earned”.

Here are the main reasons you must have to save your money for.

  • Necessities of emergency
  • For Marriage plan
  • To buy your new flat
  • For child education
  • For  monetary support on retirement

14. Be Responsible at home:

We love our home too much, but not responsible at home too.

What exactly I want to say? I think you guess it.

We are responsible for jobs, about our love and charity.

But all responsibilities at home are taking our parent.  We don’t remember the greatest phrase “ Charity begins at home”. But we should take care and give love to our family members.

Love your parents truly. Take a great part of homework to make a happy family.

Everyone is unique and every situation is different. Someone’s aim to get short-term goals. Someone is looking for a long-term mission. What are you planning to make 2018 best year for you? Write to me in the comment box. I  love to hear from you.




Biplab Das

Writing challenged readers contents for over 2015. Hobby is reading different sorts of books, magazine and others blog. Which gives a wide base idea and motivate to prepare topics for ReadRevel blog. Enjoy writing posts about the Lifestyle, Relationship and Tech tips for beloved readers. Like to see everyone is happy in life.

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