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How To Make You Beautiful In The Pictures? Know It

If anyone isn’t shy or has no camera scare! More or less everyone likes to take own pictures. So taking self beautiful pictures  to more people are favorite. You took a selfie and posted the picture immediate on Facebook or Instagram. Prefer to get likes and comments from your friends. But you’re not getting so many likes. Because the picture doesn’t look nice to others
So you stopped taking photographs and don’t post on Facebook. The pictures don’t shoot in perfect! That’s why you can’t blame on camera. The problem is yours. Here I don’t say about your beauties. I say about learn the simple way  to make you pretty in  pictures.  So you have to follow the tricks to make you beautiful in a picture. Let’s learn the simple tips.

How To Make Your Beautiful Pictures

1.  Eyes closed:

Eyes in the picture come closed. So do this thing.

  • Keep the eyes closed.
  • Listen to the camera, click sound. Open your eyes at the moment.
  • You will see, eyes did’t closed in the picture.

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2. Lower face showing Heavy:

The lower part of your face looks heavy in the picture. Many folds have seen. To overcome this problem, do it.

  • Turn little forward your face.
  •  A little tangle will be shown between your neck and lower part of the face.
  • So the lower part of the face will not show heavy in your picture.

3. Your face shows more smiling:

Do your face become more smiling when taking photos? To overcome this problem.

  • Do not keep the gap between two rows of teeth.
  • Smile likes the way that the tongue doesn’t seen.

In this way, the smile comes as normal and looks natural.

4. Give shape your eyebrows:

beautiful pictures shape eyebrow - ReadRevel

The role of the eyebrows is important to makes your beautiful pictures. In Natural, girls eyebrows are nice than boys. Also, can give your brows a better shape .

  • Place a brow brush in vertical way along the side where your eyebrows start.
  • Use the brush outside your nose to the end of your eyebrows. It likes you draw a 45-degree angle from outside your nose to the end of the eyebrow.
  • Brush your brow up by a brush. This helps to make a nice shape of your eyebrow. (In here one thing remembers. Men are usual don’t keep any eyebrow brush or comb with them. So if you have nothing! You can give a shape of your eyebrows with your finger.)
  • Always trim eyebrow hair, remove outline hair and hair between your two eyebrows.

It will make proper drawing of your face and the picture will exquisite.

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5. The eyes look  whitish:

Often eye mood comes in whitish in the picture.

  •  Look at a brighter light before taking pictures to solve this problem.
  • Eye follicles become compress.

So there is no problem in whitening the eyes.

6. Practice poses in front of a mirror:

beautiful pictures poses- ReadRevel

The best way to find out your face angle, poses with a cute smile to practice in front of a mirror.

  • In a mirror, find which side of your face looks cute. Because both sides of our face doesn’t similar.
  • Turn your body 40-45 degree to make an angle. What you have better and give smart looks?
  • Stand in different poses in front of the mirror. So you will  which poses you are looking awesome.
  • You can find your perfect hairstyle. Your haircut and perfect style according to your face, makes you charming in a picture.
  • Wear clothes you’re in a fit. Learn which color of dresses, matching with your skin color and body composition.
  • Dark color dresses looks thinner and the light color looks you fatter.

You can define your perfect style with the help of a mirror. So you can say a mirror is an object which reflects your majesty.

7. Tilt your head:

beautiful pictures

When you in front of a camera, don’t look straight. The straight facing picture looks official. Likes, you shoot your photo to make a passport or for jobs interview. In official purpose, front-facing photographs are useful. Otherwise, while taking any photo don’t do that.

  •  Find your pictures album. There You must find some of your beautiful pictures.
  • Know the angle of your face looks better in that picture.
  • Tilt your head little up or slight bellow to shoot beautiful pictures .
  • It makes your jawline in perfect shape.
  • It reduces of the double chin in the picture.
  • Make your eyes more lovely.

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8.  Find the perfect light:

Light is the vital object to make a picture good.

  • Find a perfect source of light which glows your face
  • Avoid the sun or any bright light. It makes a picture whitish.
  • Soft light makes a picture perfect.
  • Always mind it, anyhow light has not reflected on the camera lens.
  • Try to take your photos in the morning or late afternoon.
  • Candlelight is a superb lighting source to make you exquisite in the picture.

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9. Be confident:

Whatever your looks? Felt none complex when you in front of the camera. Keep a positive thinking in your mind to make beautiful pictures.

  • Try to relaxed and happy.
  • While taking yours any picture keep your natural cute smile between your lips.
  • Don’t bend your body in front.
  • Always keep straight your shoulder.

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