How To Protect Your Child From Blue Whale Challenge Game?

Protect Your Child From Blue Whale Challenge Game

Nowadays one more name in the panic around is the Blue Whale Challenge Game. A lot of teens have victimized to the deadly game all over the world. Getting news of the deadly incident happening daily playing blue whale challenge game.Parents worry about their child’s activities. Because most of the teenage-like to play the online video game.And the blue whale game’s target to the teenagers. Giving them tasks during the 50 day period to do several dangerous activities. The last task is suicide challenge. Read the Complete List Of Blue Whale Challenges.

Tasks during 50 day period blue whale challenge game

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So it’s the crucial time to careful about your child online activities. Here are a few tips for parents to protect your children from blue whale facts.

Protect your child from the blue whale challenge game: Learn the best ways.

1. Study about this game:

First of all study about this game. On the internet, you can find lots of information about the blue whale challenge game. Whatever you learned, discuss the issue with your child. Does he/she know the dangers of the game? Try to know from him/her.

2. Explain the harmful aspects of blue whale challenge game:

Discuss the harmful aspects of this game with your child. Does he/she aware of blue whale facts? Take a look at, what’s your child reaction. Talk to your child which games are good to play for teens and which are not good.

3. Be careful on the child’s online activities:

Watch on what your child like to do? Keep an eye: websites they’re watching more often. Learn about the games which are attracting children more. Bear in mind nowadays children like to play the video game more than other outdoor or indoor games. ( In the Guardian, there have a good parental guide about video games)

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So try to know which online video games he/she is playing.

4. Keep away the computer from a child’s room:

Don’t keep the computer in your child’s room. Place the computer where everyone in-house can watch it. But the device, out of his/her bedroom is not only a safeguard. Because child can get access to the internet/video game at cafes or by the mobile device also. So it’s vital to know, what he/she does on the computer or by mobile phone? Always be careful about that.

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5. Work online together with the child:

Interesting activities with your child. To protect from blue whale challenge game

Talk to your child more about internet usage. Research together more interesting and knowledgeable things from the online world. Always try to engage yourself in interesting activities with your child. If he/she likes to play video games, play online games with him/her. Say, what’s ethical and safe on online.

6. Treat your child as a friend:

Parent and child relationship is pure emotion. Love to each other by natural and it’s the most beautiful relationship in our life.

But along with the love of affection you also are responsible to guide him/her well. I say treat your child as a friend. “I believe, parent become only the parents and not friends. But that doesn’t mean you’ll not hear the problems of your child may have.” Being treated as a friend with your child bring confident in his/her mind.  Allow his/her mistakes and give courage. Don’t make any argument with him and bawls unnecessary.

Teach, how to learn from the mistakes, whatever he/she has done. [Ten Parenting Guidelines that Help Kids Learn from Mistakes.]

7. Check that devices child is using:

Notice child uses the devices and checks that often. I know it’s painful to you and your child to fall out with you. But do it without any emotion. For protecting your child from unethical online activities. Like as play “blue whale challenge game or download the blue whale game”. Smartphones, laptops, Desktop, Tablets, Gaming consoles child have so many options. It’s hard to check these devices always. But this is not a major excuse!

Use parental controls on the devices use by your child protect from blue whale challenge game

Use parental controls on the devices use by your child. Track the screen time and keep an eye on his/her online activities. Are you working parent? Inform others family member to watchful, what your child does on online in your absence?

8. Become ideal parent for the child.

Parenting is the combination of art and science. An ideal parent loves and cares their child without any condition. A good relationship between child and parent makes life happy. It’s more influencing and he/she gets inspired to do something better. In one word, you’ll be the best teacher in your child’s life.

In childhood before going to school Child learns from parents. Even you have to teach the life lesson, that doesn’t teach at the school. So explain the things to your child in such a way that should be logical. Always encourage your child to learn new things and help to them. That’s the way he/she can explore his/her talent.

How To Make Your Child Good Aren’t As Bad As You Think.

9. Control your own online activities:

As a parent, you worry about your child’s online activities. Day by day he/she becomes indifferent. More of times to play the video game or doing something on a smartphone. You quite disappointed about your child activities. But before that, do you conscious about your own online activities? Remember: child tries to do those things, what parents or elders do in front of them? In natural he/she thinks it’s not harmful to them. So if you access WhatsApp, Facebook or play the video game in front of your child.

Stop now.

Do you not push your child in effects of danger?  Ask the question to your mind .

10. Update yourself about the online game:

You are not familiar with online video games or less interested. But your child much fond of play video games. For your child well-being, it’s better to know about online video games. I don’t encourage you to play online games. But be honest, always update your knowledge about latest online video games. Which games are safe for playing and which are dangerous. Like as a blue whale challenge game, someone called blue whale suicide game.

“Take a look updating news about blue whale facts and what games getting on online, to save your child life.”

11. Talk to the child and try to understand:

Talk with your child frankly and notice his/her behavior. Beware of any unusual changes. Like as hopeless, less interest to talk, lack of studies. If you find such changes in your child, seriously observe his/her online activities. As soon as consult with a child psychologist. Inform to school authorities and talk with his/her friends about his/her unusual act.

Talk wit your child to protect from blue whale challenge game

Blue Whale, a dangerous challenge available online, has reportedly led to suicide in children all over the world including India. In a strong reaction, there has been a growing demand from people all over the country to ban this game from the internet. (Source:

The Indian government has banned Blue Whale Challenge online game that was enticing teenagers to commit suicide. But, the game is now available under other names such as ‘A Silent House’, ‘A Sea of Whales’ and ‘Wake Me Up at 4:20 AM’. Cybersecurity experts and child psychologists suggest strict action, monitoring and use of existing provisions to make the carriers like Google, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Microsoft and Yahoo more responsible and accountable. (Source:

If you see that your child is playing blue whale challenge game, then immediately stop him. Talk to your child without delay about the danger of the blue whale game. Inform local police and seek their help for your child safety. For a few days turn off Internet service.

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