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What Is The Answers To That Questions Finding In Mind?

Finding more peep questions answers in mind. Which makes our mind worry. I’m telling few of these. What’s goes through in  your mind ?

Since the birth, every human has planning for life.  Although everyone’s childhood is very enjoyable and sober in the shadow of parents. But growing of age, it’s time to take responsibility, moving various question in  mind. We always finding that questions answers in mind. Yet, what’s finding more. Here are a few of these. Tally with these, is your mind gone through these words?

What Is The Questions Answers In Mind?


1. What is the job for me:

You are working in a good company. Prepared yourself for that job. But after a few months getting the job, you’re not feeling comfort in your office.  Job profile not satisfied you. So many studies done for this job? Is your mind not asking? You little more educated for this job.

 2. Like one but can’t say:

You’re like  one too. Eye contacts are happening daily with her. Look her once, feeling very nice in your heart. But you’re not getting the courage to say something to her. Because you’re always asking your mind, ” What’ll be her reaction? Does she likes me? What culture she belongs.”  You’re finding the questions answers in mind. But the answers you don’t know.

 3. Love, Affair, then:

finding questions answers in mind

The girl fallen in your love. “A touch of her hands. Walk with her. ” Everything is amazing to you. How colorful your romance is? But our heart beat is up when came in the commitment! Fear, irritation and negatives thinking build a room in your mind! “How can go forward with the relationship ? Are we really made for each other? What can do for her/him? Or break up the relation!”

4. Married, flowerbed, after the honeymoon:


finding questions answers in mind

 Life became same likes as earlier days. Elders asking‚ how long wait? “Say‚ the baby boy, or a baby girl.” what do you want? Friend says, “I took my baby in the first year of our marriage”. Oh, my God. So, “Do you want a child now?” Are you ready for your newborn baby to make him/her a good human? The baby boy or baby girl, what  you and your family expect? Somewhat this questions is roaming in our mind. It’s natural to raise the questions in our mind.

 5. When to Become Rich:

“When? I’ll become the rich.” The question always roaming  in mind.

You’re investing from the first month of your job. You’re doing everything as planned wise. But not showing enough without savings more. It’ll superb to get little more. Mind wants to play ‘Lottery’ due to crisis.

 6. Want to live a long life?

AW! If you’d known little about your life expiry date! Everything in your life could make plan so. So maybe you wake up at midnight? No longer do you think lot remains to be done?

By natural various types of questions raise in our mind. We get answers or not, after a few days it decline from our mind. So question of mind is not harmful to our daily life. You can find the answer of that. But finding lots of questions answers in mind, make us doubtful. You can’t concentrate on your job. Negative thinking are growing  in your mind. So you can’t find any answer. It makes you worried. So do it whatever you like and when you feel comfortable without so many questions.

Is it not questions of your mind? Are you not finding the answers?  I hope you like this post and share with others. Please write your comments. I like your valuable comments very much.


Biplab Das

Writing challenged readers contents for over 2015. Hobby is reading different sorts of books, magazine and others blog. Which gives a wide base idea and motivate to prepare topics for ReadRevel blog. Enjoy writing posts about the Lifestyle, Relationship and Tech tips for beloved readers. Like to see everyone is happy in life.

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