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Save mobile internet data in simple way

How To Save Mobile Internet Data In Simple Way

Around 46% of the population are using the internet connection in the world. The number is increasing day by day. 4G and 5G network is latest to the internet user and bit a higher price. But lower cost data pack provides less benefit and it’s not enough for a month for you. So you have to pay extra to fulfill your monthly need.  But your wallet doesn’t permit extra. Therefore you have to stop data killing and save mobile internet data in simple way.

Save mobile internet data in simple way


60% of the mobile user is using mobile as their primary internet surfing device. Everyone knows about Facebook, WhatsApp, Tweeter, YouTube. Most of the apps installed in our mobile and we also access it. Hence, mobile data need more internet usage. Usually, you have to spend more money to buy a higher pack. But you are not ready to spend more. So try some tricks to save internet data. Here I am saying few tips, you apply it.  It must save your mobile data from useless killing and control downloading.

    Save Mobile Internet Data In Simple Way

1. Check Data Usage:

If you’re Android mobile user, it has a built-in data check application. You can access it under

Settings-> Data usage.

It shows you how much data has consumed per mobile app, which has installed. ( If you use Double Sims, select your Internet provider name.)

If you use an Apple phone go to

Setting->General->Usage->Cellular Usage.

You can see how much data have sent and received, but not per app basis.

These are Android mobile user settings in below image

Save mobile internet data in simple way

So by data watch you can see which apps are killing your mobile data more. Is it necessary apps to you? If it’s not! Uninstall it completely from your mobile.

2. Use 3G to stop more consumption:

Today’s most of the mobile set support 4g network. This is a high-speed internet network service.  High-speed connection consumes higher rate of data also. You can minimize date usage by downward your phone 4G to 3G.  Apps like 4G Toggle work fine with most of the devices and manage phone network. You can easily download 4G Toggle from Google play store.

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3. Update mobile Apps on Wi-Fi only:

Every smartphone user installs apps more or less in their mobile. But most of  Apps are always hungry to eat mobile data. They always check update in the background. So it’s good to update mobile apps on Wi-Fi only. It’s vital to save mobile internet data in simple way.

Save mobile internet data in simple way

Open Google Play Store and Click on

Menu-> Settings (Scroll Down) ->Auto –update apps (First tab under General Category). Click it and you can see the pop-up box like as below

Save mobile internet data in simple way

For select  “Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only”  you just click the radio button.

4. Change your Facebook App setting:

Facebook has 1.71 billion monthly users and 54% access Facebook on their mobile. More or less in every age group of people use Facebook in everyday. It’s the most suffering social media site than any other sites. I think you are also an active user. But do you know? Your Facebook app is killing a lot of your mobile data behind the scenes of you. Therefore if you change the Facebook setting! you can save lots of data.

Open your Facebook profile

  1. Click Menu Tap 
  2. Scroll down and Find App Settings.
  3. Click on App Settings and it will open the page settings page.

Save mobile internet data in simple way

4. Click on Autoplay Tab and its open autoplay page.

Save mobile internet data in simple way

In here select Never Autoplay videos Tab

It will stop video auto play in your profile and help to save mobile internet data in simple way.

5. Use Facebook Lite:

Facebook Lite is an alternate version of Facebook App. You can install Facebook Lite instead of use  Facebook standard version app. Facebook Lite work also on slow internet speed like 2G network. It takes the low amount of bandwidth and optimizes. Without Facebook messenger, you can send and receive messages. The video will not play in Facebook Lite. So load time faster than Facebook standard version app.  Limited features and take less mobile memory (RAM). Facebook Lite is good for low hardware configuration mobile phone. It takes only 2.82 MB space of mobile storage. However, the Facebook app takes 194 MB space.

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6. Change WhatsApp setting:

WhatsApp is one of the most popular mobile messaging apps in the world. You are a daily user and sharing text, images, videos, etc.L Killing lot of mobile internet data. But you want to save internet data and want to control data usage, Do some change your WhatsApp setting.


*Open WhatsApp and go to the extreme top right side. Here you find   Menu Tab

Save mobile internet data in simple way

  1. Open Menu and it’s open a wizard like as 2nd picture.
  2. Click on settings, it’s open your WhatsApp account info.
  3. Click  Data usage,

It will open Data usage page. Now you can change MEDIA AUTO-DOWNLOAD

Save mobile internet data in simple way

4. Click on When using mobile data, select Photos and Documents. Press OK.

       Go to CALL SETTINGS and select Low data usage

This way you can save WhatsApp data killing and protect useless video and animation download.

7. Google Chrome:

Save mobile internet data in simple way

  1.  Go to Google Chrome Setting
  2. Click on Settings, scroll down and find
  3.  Data Saver tab
  4.  Open Data Saver; if it’s Off just touch it for On.

Always keen on it and save mobile internet data while you browsing.

Save mobile internet data in simple way


These tips should help reduce your mobile data consumption. Today’s latest devices are capable of amazing performance as well as hungry for data. So be careful about turn off data connection, when you are not using. By this way, you can save mobile internet data in simple way.

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