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simple ways impress anyone

The 12 Best Things About Simple Ways Impress Anyone

In the earlier post, I have written about “How to be happy in your life.”  Happiness that’s money can’t bring in our life. In this post, I talk about the “Simple Ways Impress Anyone” that don’t depend on money or status. This help you to impress anyone while you talk with someone. You can make a clear picture and good impression in his mind.

Simple Ways Impress Anyone

The impression is an important thing in our life. It’s managing benefit in our professional and personal life. People judge your personality by your impression. So everyone needs to know the way of impressing. Here are simple 12 steps; with these, you can impress anyone

simple ways impress anyone

12 Very simple ways impress anyone

1. Don’t excite, be polite and gentle:

In our human life, we always have to remember few emotional sentences. Like as “Thank you”; “I am so sorry”; “Please excuse me” etc. This type of words and sentences can change the environment within few seconds. Everyone likes a polite and gentle behavior way. Maybe! When you are talking about a matter, it happens a dispute. But in that situation control yourself. Don’t excite, keep cool and take a long breath. A bit of excitement may ruin your purpose. Say with polite attitude, why you conflicted to him? The man who is gentle, easy way can convince others people.

2. Become friends, call people by their names:

Everyone likes to hear his own name from other persons. When someone hears his sweet name from your mouth! The conversation between you and he must be frank. He becomes your friend in a while. So always try to remember the name of the person you meeting. Everyone makes an image about the person with whom going to meet. It’s natural, feel a bit of uneasy to talk with an unknown person first time. So at the beginning, you have to introduce yourself to him. After that you can ask his name, “Hi, I am Biplab, a professional blogger may I know your good name?”

3. Be positive and simple:

People are usually like simple, happy and positive minded personalities. Positive people draw a clean image into the others mind. They can inspire and motivate people. Positive minded person simple ways impress anyone. Simple ways impress anyone, remove all negative thinking from your mind. Feel yours live with simplicity and positive thinking. Don’t show over smartness. People like the smart guy but, hate over smartness.

If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.

Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

4. Speak in clear and easy to understand:

People, speak in a clear voice and point the object of the matter, can impress everyone. So it’s necessary to express your idea in a transparent way. Explain, in short, exacts what you want to say? You should extrovert and communicate in a clear voice with confidence. Without any clear talk, everything must be worthless. At the end of the meeting, you can’t impress anyone. So always try to speak smartly in clear way to success your goal.

5. Keep eye contact and talk face to face:

simple ways impress anyone

Fair eye contact helps to make an effective communication. Someone fears to talk face to face. Someone has the bad habit while talking look on the other side. But when you talk with a person, look in his eyes. You must feel, how easy you can communicate with him.  You must  impress him by your attitude. These are the simple ways impress anyone.

6. Be punctual:

Don’t waste others time, be punctual and respect the value of time.  Time is a valued thing in our life. Times, which has gone not come again in our life. So try to understand the value of a minute. It may be the person has another appointment after you. He already made a time schedule for that. But you are late! So the meeting time will be shorten and you can’t discuss your whole matter with him. He thinks that you are less interest about the meeting. So “To judge the value of time and always be punctual.

7. Keep your promise and try to do some more: 

Promise is a statement saying by you. Express by you to do something or not to do. As an example “Your friend keeps his mobile set to you. You promise to him. Don’t search his WhatsApp messages and contacts list.” You kept your promise. It makes you trustworthy and builds a good impression to your friend. The man who keep his promise, by simple ways impress anyone. But Keep in mind if you fail to keep your promise. You will lose the opportunity to separate you from others. But if you do more than you promise! For example, clean your friend’s mobile screen; remove dust, etc. He also more impresses upon you and thinks that you are a true friend to him.

8. Respect everyone:

Try to respect everyone. If he is minor or major, don’t divide that. Everyone is important to us. Many people can’t realize this significant truth. They think it’s a sign of weakness. I think it’s a gesture of love, not any kind of weakness.  If you respect others opinion! They must show you respect and kindness. Elders has more experiences than you. So they must respectable to you. But in the case of a minor, you should respect them also and try to realize their thoughts. Though, they  have less experienced than you. But They have much information about sports than you. It might be they have better knowledge than you about the latest technology (Like as Smartphone, tablets etc.).

9. Help others when you able to do:  

simple ways impress anyone

Human are biologically associated with each other. We need the help of others and can’t live without others company. If you believe it! Help others when you get any chance. As a human being, it’s also our duty to help others. It keeps your mind fresh and increases your social acceptance.

It’s no need to help them with money.

Without money, you can help others in simple ways impress anyone.

Like as guide a person who doesn’t know about the Smartphone. Help an aged person to send money by his mobile or help to book an online train ticket.

10. Share knowledge and information with others:

Knowledge is information or skill, which you gained through your experience or by education. So you have to get information what is happening around the world. What is your opinion about the fact? Share with others. Now a day’s knowledge is an industry. So share your knowledge brings a better opportunity. It helps you to make impress others. But you must know the proper information. If your information is not pure! You lose honor. So be sure about your share information.

11. Listen more than you speak:

When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.

Ernest Hemingway

It’s our bad luck:

We speak more, but listen less. Miss the chance to make a good relationship. But more of man and woman prefer the person, who is a good listener.

Listening is a powerful tool to impress someone. When you talk with someone, be careful to hear his voice. Try to understand what he wants to say, don’t interrupt to him. When it’s your turn, speak from your heart. Show respect to the other person’s opinion.  Say, what is your feeling about his opinion. Make your point as clear as possible that he can understand.

12. Compliment people who deserve it:

Usually, at the end of the conversation don’t forget to compliment him.

As example:“I learned lots of good things from you.”

“Your positive thinking showed me the meaning of life”.

Everyone likes to hear about himself. If you have any idea about his family members ask about them.

All simple ways impress anyone relate to our human body.  Next time when you meet anyone, remember these. You can impress most of people, whom you to meet.

Do you have any good idea to impress anyone? Share with me. Leave your comments.

Biplab Das

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