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silent mode mobile

How to find out your lost mobile? If it’s in silent mode

Your phone is in silent mode! But you can’t find it. At first, what do you think, it remains stolen or lost?

Yet, it may be that at any time, for any reason, you’ve silent your mobile phone. But suddenly see that the mobile phone can’t find the time. In general, to search the mobile you dial your phone number from others phone. It’s the easiest way to find a lost mobile phone, everyone we know this. Just follow the ringing sound of the mobile start to get find out easily.

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how to unlock mobile phone

Forgot Pattern: How To Unlock your Mobile Phone Easily

If you forget the password of your mobile! Or your child drawn wrong patterns many times. So your mobile phone is locked. Without unlock mobile phone you can’t use the phone. You very much worry about this situation. Because you’re in trouble and the reason is your mobile set.  But it can happen to anyone in an instant. If this happens to you, what will you do? I think you must find a local service engineer. Otherwise, you’ll go to the authorized service center of your mobile brand. But it’ll cost you money for unlock mobile phone. A few days ago the same thing happened with one of my well-known people.

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Effects of mobile phones on children's

Are You Pushing Your Child In Effects of Danger? Know It All

Your child is crying, don’t want to eat food. Always persist for something and like to play video. What will you do in that situation? It may you give him that thing with your own hand. You know, what is the device about I am saying? It’s your smart phone. But you don’t know effects of mobile phones on children’s. So the subconscious, you are pushing your child in danger.

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Save mobile internet data in simple way

How To Save Mobile Internet Data In Simple Way

Around 46% of the population are using the internet connection in the world. The number is increasing day by day. 4G and 5G network is latest to the internet user and bit a higher price. But lower cost data pack provides less benefit and it’s not enough for a month for you. So you have to pay extra to fulfill your monthly need.  But your wallet doesn’t permit extra. Therefore you have to stop data killing and save mobile internet data in simple way. Read More