What Things Of Women? Makes a Man Crazy And Love

things make man crazy

A woman is an art. God designed them to make man madness altogether. So women are the best creation of God. In men’s eyes, a woman is a divine source of beauty. Every man wants his partner will be smart and attractive. So he feels the attraction and make love with her. Women have kinds of different frame. That’s enough for a man to attract on her. The things can make a woman more attractive in the eyes of men. In this post, I am saying about things make man crazy about a woman and fall in love. I like to dedicate this post to my female readers.

   Things Make Man Crazy And Love

#1. Positive and happy:

Positiveness is the good sign in our life. It makes us energetic, goal oriented and happy. Life’s has lot ups and downs. Any kind of failure can break our heart. But positive minded person knows, how to overcome that situation? That’s why they always happy and find the real goal of her life. A man likes a happy woman, who surround with friends, making jokes and always having a bright smile.

#2. Be Confident with a good personality:

things make man crazy

Women, confidence, there is no alternative to attract Men. If you confide in your beauty and personality! Everyone like you more.  But Keep a strong belief in your mind. It gives self-confidence and helps to show your personality when you talk with a man. Your personality makes a sketch about you in his mind.

Speak in honest, “I am mad for a girl due to her personality.”  A strong personality shows in her picture, the way of talking and her walking. Whenever I get a chance, see her picture. Because her personality made me mad and give me pleasure in my mind. She has all of things make man crazy.

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#3. General Knowledge:

Your knowledge makes you unique. It makes you intelligent and gives a different identity of yours. So your knowledge is an important part to make man crazy. Always update your knowledge about modern, historical, sports, technology. Read the Novel, Magazine or any kind of books, whatever you like to read.

#4. Your freshness:

Your face is so cute, your dress so colorful, nothing will attract anyone. If your body having a bad smell and teeth are unclean. For keeping fresh, use deodorant or good perfume daily to smell nice. Take a bath regularly and wash your hair. Use hair conditioner, it gives shine silky, wavy looks of your hair. To clean your mouth and fresh your breath, brush your teeth must have after dinner. Use mouth freshener or mint. If have the smell of breath?

#5. Speak in a sweet clear voice:

Voice is an asset to some people. You can attract anyone by your sweet conversation. Man always likes the woman, whose voice is clear with polite behavior. And don’t like the loud-speaking girl. So when you talk with any guy forget your shyness. Talk with him in a clear voice. So he can hear your voice in clear.

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#6. Make Eye Contact:

things make man crazy

If you want to make madness a man, look in his eyes. When you stare into his eyes, he feels that you also interest about him. Look in his eyes with a cute smile. It makes the guy so crazy about you. A cute smile says 1000 of words. What You can’t say, your smile can say that. Eye contact is the powerful object of your body language.

#7. Wear perfect Dress:

You are fatty or lean, your skin color is dark, brown or fair that doesn’t matter. You look very attractive to men, if you wear the right size of a dress with a nice pair of shoes. So find the dress and undergarment that fit with your body. Choose the color according to your body color. Select a dress perfect for the occasion. Like as “You’re going to a birthday party. Don’t wear backless, which looks you so hot.”

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#8. Don’t do over makeup:

Most of the men dislike over makeup. They like women’s natural beauty. Overdo makeup looks worse. It covers up your natural beauty. You must do makeup, but take a light makeup. That gives you smart looks. So your right hair style and makeup make any guy so crazy.

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#9. Calling by name:

Many men like to hear their names from women. Don’t think, “if you call anyone by his name! You don’t show  respect to him.” It’s a gesture of offering closer to yours. Someone may dislike your this type of attitude. But don’t care about that. In particular, “If a husband and wife alone. His wife calling him by name, it’s very pleasurable for any man.”

#10. Fitness of body:

Be honest. Physical attraction of a woman is the biggest things make man crazy.  Men feel crazy and fall in love by women physical attribute. Your curve waistline, beautiful figure and average shoulder can make anyone mad. So you must take care of your health. Do exercise 3 or 4 days in a week. It’s not necessary to go a local gym and do the hard work. You can do free hand exercise at home. Yoga is very effective to make you healthy.

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This are the best things make man crazy and fall in love to you. But before make him your prater, judge to him. Are you like this post? Write to me in comments box. I like to hear from you.

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