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how to unlock mobile phone

Forgot Pattern: How To Unlock your Mobile Phone Easily

If you forget the password of your mobile! Or your child drawn wrong patterns many times. So your mobile phone is locked. Without unlock mobile phone you can’t use the phone. You very much worry about this situation. Because you’re in trouble and the reason is your mobile set.  But it can happen to anyone in an instant. If this happens to you, what will you do? I think you must find a local service engineer. Otherwise, you’ll go to the authorized service center of your mobile brand. But it’ll cost you money for unlock mobile phone. A few days ago the same thing happened with one of my well-known people.

5 simple steps to Unlock Mobile Phone 

More or less in the interest of privacy and keep personal data secure. Everyone likes to lock their mobile phone. We lock our Smartphone with the help of pattern locking or by typical password. But if you forgot your password for any reason, or to read the pattern set locked in pity. You can’t use the mobile set without unlocking.

If this happens, don’t go anywhere, before trying these simple steps to unlock your mobile. Because it’s  very easy to do. So you can do it yourself. But it’s very important to know. This method deletes all saved internal phone storage data and apps. So please back up your phone all data and downloaded apps before trying the trick. It’s also good to remove the Micro SD Card for the safety of your data, but it’s not vital. Let’s try the steps to unlock your mobile phone.

Step 1. Switch off your mobile:

Switch off your android mobile set and waits for a second.

Step 2. Boot Into Android Recovery Mode:

unlock mobile phone

Press “Volume up  key + Home Key + Power button” together until the phone boot. If your android device doesn’t have any home button! Press “Volume up key+ Power button together. If it doesn’t boot your phone, the combination of buttons may different. So you can read the user manual or search on Google. To know the exact key combinations, boot your device into Android Recovery Mode.

A screen looks like the below picture will come up with various options. After boot your phone, which you can easily navigate.

Unlock Mobile Phone - Wipe Data

In here you’ve to work on two options for unlocking your mobile phone:

           1. wipe data/factory reset

           2. wipe cache partition

These are two options, use to remove all user setting data for unlock mobile phone.

Step 3. Wipe Data:

You’ve to use the volume key up and down key to scroll. Scroll down to wipe data/factory reset.

Unlock Mobile Phone - Wipe Data Confirm

For Select “wipe data/factory reset”, a single press on power key. It’ll show a confirmation message. Scroll down and select

” Yes — delete all user data

It will back to the Android system recovery screen. You can show Data wipe complete message at the bottom of your phone screen.

Step 4. Wipe Cache Partition:

Scroll down and select wipe cache partition to wipe cache data. Also, you can show a message at the bottom of the screen.

Unlock Mobile Phone - Wipe Cache

Step 5. Reboot your phone now:

After finishing the both tasks by defaultreboot System Now option select. If it’s not happening scroll up and selectreboot System Now to boot your device. Just wait a few seconds‚ your phone Restart with like a fresh copy of the Android OS.

So next time if any Android Phone or device lock follows these simple 5 steps to unlock.

  1. Switch off your mobile

2. Boot On Recovery Mode

3. Wipe data

4. Wipe cache

5. Reboot System 

All 5 steps are very easy to all mobile users to unlock mobile phone . So no need to cost your money for this little problem. I have tested it on my Lollipop 5.1 version android set. This technique will be effective on almost all Android devices. For your tablet, you can also use these simple tips.

So it’s better to remember these 5 steps. In the future, if anyone of your known to forget the password or their mobile unlocking pattern. You can help to unlock their phone and relief them from tension instantly.

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