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Ways to Make Child Good

How To Make Child Good Aren’t As Bad As You Think?

Child is most poppet and favorite to all parents. Children are innocent most of us believe it. We like their naughtiness and tolerate also. But if the child become rascal! There is no end of pity to parents. So parents have to take the initiative and know theWays to Make Child Good.” Because a child learns from his/her parents as well as from family. Let us assume that activities, which will help your child to grow up as a good child.

Ways to Make Child Good - Learning

10 Easy Ways To Make Child Good and Success  


1. Don’t compare your child with others:

Comparison is a common way to judge your child performance. Parents usually compare their child’s academic performance with others. You must love your child and be caring. Trying to keep him always happy. But the comparison with other children does more hurt your child than making him/her best. Compared with other children is making mental pressures in your child’s mind. Other child and you are also becoming hateful to your child.

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2. Teach homework:

Teach your children to do some homework. As example washing their clothes, cleaning their bed‚ lay out their books, will have to make usual to them. The rich and the poor regardless of all parents should teach their child to do some homeworks.

3. Give social education:

The proper education of their children about social harmony can found. The child is getting a proper education, may know in the sense of social harmony. Researchers from Pennsylvania State University and Duke University tracked more than 700 children from across the US between kindergarten and age 25. Found a significant correlation between their social skills as kindergartners and their success as adults two decades later.   (Source: Study shows that socially suitable child who attached  with other children. They are helpful, understand others feelings, and resolve problems on their own.

Children helps to other child, developing social and emotional skills in their mind . We can do to prepare them for a healthy future, said Kristin Schubert, program director at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. ( source:

4. Motivate to Become Ambitious:

To get the success of children as parents try to make Ambitious to your child. Motivate to make a good results in exams. But forcing for something on the child is not a good idea. It’s made mental presser to them. Tell him/her the life’s history of a successful man and woman. Most important thing is to, he can feel that you love and care for him.


Ways to Make Child Good - Motivation

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5. Goal setting Ways to Make Child Good:

Parents feel frustrated; if the child doesn’t try enough to fulfill something. But they know their child can. What can you do? You have to think you are dealing with a child, not with an adult. Help to set his/her goal at the beginning of childhood. Give him/her courage and inspire to grow can-do attitude in his/her mind.

6. Mutual relations:

In successful families, children don’t dispute with one another. So mutual relationship is healthy to build a close-knit family. It keeps up good relations with most of the other members. Children do behave like a friend with others. They can share Knowledge and helps with others. So help your child to build a good relationship with other children.

7. Higher Education:

Successful person’s child generally is not like other children. They are taking their education actively and think it’s the main aspect of life. That”s more common in higher education. So if you success in your life? Here I am not saying about financial success. If you are an ambitious, motivated and positive thinker, you are successful. A successful man/woman always aware about education. Ways to make child good, give him/her better education . So you must motivate your child for higher studies.

8. Teach Mathematics:

We know that education is the backbone of a nation. In the education system, mathematics is the most important subject. Math is the main subject for a whole arrangement of other subjects. I believe our life also depends on mathematical calculation. If match your life-related math result! You will be happy and successful. So always focus math education on your child. Teach mathematics in early childhood, need to succeed in primary school and beyond. So Teachers and parents should have to focus the basic of mathematics in early childhood. That helps your child for learning advanced mathematics in high school and college. Math helps to develop troublesome thinking skills. While the child will be entering the professional world these skills will help him/her to become successful.

Ways to Make Child Good - Relationship

9. Good Relationship with the Child:

If you want to be a good and loving parent? Want to make your child happy, energetic, well-behaved good child? Build a very close-knit, friendly relationship with your child. By natural children are very emotional. Sometimes they don’t express their anger. So you have to keep up a good relation with your child in a discipline way. The child well-being is very important to build a good relationship with parents. You can make him successful, as a good person. But always have to maintain a good relationship with kids.

10. Don’t Show Emotional Stress:

Parents mental stress effects on the child. This trend can seen among the less successful ones, though. They spend time with the child from emotional stress. But successful person knows, how to control emotional stress. They don’t show any kind of emotional stress in front of a child. Children are very sensitive and marital quarrels disrupt child’s development. Try to control your emotional stress and give your child a happy environment.

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Parents always want their child will be best. But they are not aware, how to make the child good? Remember all the ways to make child good. Build a friendship relation with your child to give him/her proper guidance. In childhood the child learns everything from his/her parent. You are the best teacher for him/her. Father is childhood hero and mother is the most beautiful lady to him/her . So you teach your child manners, discipline, behavior and the value of time in childhood to make your child the best.

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