How To Protect Your Child From Blue Whale Challenge Game?

Nowadays one more name in the panic around is the Blue Whale Challenge Game. A lot of teens have victimized to the deadly game all over the world. Getting news of the deadly incident happening daily playing blue whale challenge game.Parents worry about their child’s activities.

How To Get The Best Smartphone Battery Life? Avoid 11 Mistakes

Your smartphone’s battery charge ends. But you have to make a call to your boss for getting some vital messages. Now and then you feel the trouble due to your best smartphone battery life. Even, full of charge doesn’t go half day. Need to charge the phone  2-3 times during the day. It’s a horrible

How Do You Know This Guy Is Perfect Match For You?

Whoa. This’s insane. I got the uplifting news from my friend Monali!  Welcomes me to present  her engagement party. Finally, she discovered her perfect match.” To discover somebody like the perfect for anybody might be excessively troublesome.

9 Ultimate Things Do And Don’t To Take A Wonderful Selfie

Nowadays everyone knows the buzz word “Selfie”. Girls are more crazy to take selfie than boys. But they have no idea about do and don’t the things take selfie. Recent I have seen a group of 5 girls was very excited to shoot selfies on a busy metro station. They have no bothering, other passengers

Avoid These 9 Kinds of Friend That Will Be Good For You

Friendship is one of the most remarkable affairs in our ways of life. The friend is the name with care, hope, and make much of support. He gives us happiness to make fun. But you broke as fully, made by a bastard companion. You haves so many kinds of friends in life span. But you